A woman’s skin is like a commodity: Much care and investment has to be pumped into it, else it dwindles in elasticity, lustre and glow. With one’s skin so precious, and indeed delicate, the quest to finding efficacious beauty products and treatments that work on one’s skin type become a lifelong and sometimes frustrating one.
For those in the know, Estetica’s wide range of tailored, age-reversing therapies, mean they have never looked elsewhere for their skin care in the past 33 years.
One such savvy woman is local actress and TV personality Anna Belle Francis: “We women always put ourselves after everything – family, children, work, settling bills, grocery shopping … and the list goes on. Now 35 years old and a wife, mother and director of a music school, I find myself caught up with schedules, deadlines, children’s schools and shuttling them to all their extra-curricular activities!”
“Have we lost the ability to give ourselves the extra ‘oomph’ in our appearance? No, we must never give up! That’s why ladies, we just have to put our feet down to say, ‘Hold up, I’m going to have a date with myself; I’m going to have a facial!’ That’s exactly what I did and got myself to Estetica for one of their famous VitaLift A+ facials!”
Other than coming up with effective beauty products, Estetica’s aim is also to offer treatments that yield real results combined with a pleasurable and relaxing experience. For the first time, as part of its 33rd anniversary celebration, Estetica is launching the VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy (60 minutes, $454).
This cutting edge facial uses the brand’s own ést.lab anti-ageing range, VitaLift A+, alongside the latest technological innovations for what it claims is the most effective and innovative anti-ageing facial around.
So how does the therapy work to give visibly ‘lifted’ and supple skin in just an hour? The magic lies in the unique combination of products and equipment used. First, Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and LED Red Light Therapy are used to both tighten existing collagen and to stimulate new collagen to regenerate and improve circulation so as to re-energise and repair the skin.
Next, a Pneumatic Suction System is introduced to aid lymphatic detoxification, followed by the application of ést.lab VitaLift A+ Nano-Biocellulose Collagen Mask, which will deliver and lock moisture into the deepest layers of the skin. The high content of hyaluronic acid in the mask further helps fight signs of ageing by plumping the skin with moisture.
And it isn’t just the treatments people are flocking to Estetica for, with the beauty salon winning awards from the likes of leading female magazines like Simply Her, Harper’s Bazaar and Singapore Women’s Weekly.
Enjoy your first trial of Estetica’s VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Face Therapy (60 mins) for just $99, usual price $454, and receive a complimentary VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Eye Therapy & VitaLift A+ Multi-Wave Neck Therapy.
International model, VJ and host of Supermodel Me, Lisa S, reveals her must-have Estetica beauty buys.
“The VitaLift A+ OPC Antioxidant Cream,” says Lisa S. “This is one of my favourites and essential not only for cell protection but also to keep my skin’s moisture levels up – ideal in our humid climes.”
“This genius cream also helps keep me moisturised all day long thanks to hydractin which not only stimulates cell metabolism, to keep me looking young, but forms a layer of water to stop moisture loss – the perfect combatant in our air-conditioned lives.”
International model, VJ and host of Supermodel Me, Lisa S, reveals her must-have Estetica beauty buys.
“VitaLift A+ Brillage Nano-Biocellulose Mask. For when my skin is crying out for that little boost – this mask is all I need. With its host of magic ingredients, it acts as an intense moisturizer that plumps and firms my skin and most importantly, reduces the dread wrinkles,” says Lisa.
Lisa S also raves about ést.lab SunShield SPF50: “It’s not often that I talk about specific cosmetics that I really love but this one is really worth it. I am all about getting the best sunscreen for your face and this one from ést.lab is definitely one of the best!”
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