Quick compare-and-contrast test: How many steps are there in your facial routine versus your haircare one? The latter is probably paltry, relatively speaking – which is a shame, really, as your scalp deserves every bit as much attention as your face.

Always wanted to add a hair serum after shampooing and conditioning, but leery of getting your roots too greasy? Good news, guys: The current crop of next-gen innovators will be right up your beauty alley; they’re supremely soothing and smell so very sublime, too.

Scroll through to peruse a terrific trio of #DieDieMustBuy hair heroes you must add to your arsenal, and happy beauty shopping!

Tsubaki Scalp Serum, $18.90

Scouting for a scalp tonic that softens without suffocating your strands in Singapore’s clammy climes? Try Tsubaki’s intensely invigorating star serum, which works itself into a superbly “shiok” fizzy foam when massaged into damp hair.

With scalp-soothing botanicals and cuticle-sealing collagen and camellia oil, this also lends my locks a souped up shine that’s well nigh salon-grade in sheen. Perfect for taming pesky flyaways, I recommend rubbing just one drop between your palms and lightly skimming it across your hair’s surface for high-wattage shine without extra weight. You can really massage it into your head too, as it sinks straight in like soft butter – that means you needn’t fret about leaving an embarrassing oil slick on your pillowcase.

What else? Also worth mentioning is an entirely welcome if unexpected beauty bonus: I love this serum’s ephemeral floral fragrance that’s just noticeable enough to keep my locks feeling fresh and flirty.

Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Adenovital Scalp Essence V, $108

My (equally vain) sister has amassed a veritable vanity chest’s worth of compliments on the varnished voluptuousness of her hair, to which she owes Shiseido Professional a huge debt – for close to a year now, she’s been massaging this essence into her head as part of a nourishing nightly treatment.

Stuffed with hydrating hydrolysed yeast and antioxidant actives to shield your scalp from the ravages of the sun, the protective product promises to prevent hair breakage and lend your moistureless mane a shampoo ad-worthy sheen.

Here’s a personal tip: Try using this ostensibly overnight treatment as a quick and dirty volumiser for day. Simply scrunch into damp locks and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect. Boom! Bouncy, more voluminous hair virtually instantly.

L’Occitane Aromachologie Body & Strength Scalp Essence, $47

This libation is liquid love for your locks. Chockfull of “bodybuilding” amino acids and a curated concoction of five botanical oils, this conditions hair to give you beyond beautiful bounce and body, at least in my experience.

Incredibly intuitive and straightforward to use, simply smooth it into the roots of your damp hair before towelling off any excess. Best bit: Feel free to use this pampering pre-styling sealant as and when you like a little extra luster; try decanting it into a spray-type dispenser and stashing it in your purse for touch-ups on the go.

Right, then. “Hairs” hoping these these top treats for your tresses will get you out of future hairy situations. Good luck!

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