In the frivolous world of beauty, it’s often difficult to remember that not everyone can afford luxurious creams and facials. Which is why we are happy when our favourite brands give back to society; here is how you can play a part.

Gucci Chime for Change

You know a campaign is going to be great when it’s co-founded by queen Beyoncé. Gucci’s ‘Chime for Change’ is a campaign that raises awareness about the rights of women and girls around the world. From education to justice, each perfume purchase allows you to select which project Gucci donates to.

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What we love about this campaign is that each project is unique with realistic goals. So unlike projects that simply tell you they are “contributing to education”, you get the full details on each cause: What they are doing and how much they need to get there. For example, a non-profit group in India wishes to conduct sessions of empowerment for adolescent girls. They give you the details on how they will go about doing it (after school sessions and education through sports) and the amount of change they need.

Throughout the whole process, you can see how much they’ve raised, and get regular updates on their progress. Just take a read through previous funded projects, and you will realise that the intimate details of each project makes this campaign a highly personal one. Much like Beyoncé’s message to her fans, the project focuses on the plight of girls and women worldwide, and the need for empowerment and gender equality.

To make this campaign happen, the designer label partnered with large organisations such as Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The projects themselves are organised by well-known charity groups, so you can expect some level of transparency and accountability. The next time you’re deciding on a new fragrance, pick Gucci for a change.

Kose Save the Blue

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Buy a Kose trial kit, and you’re one step closer to saving mother earth. The Japanese beauty brand is having its annual ‘Save the Blue’ campaign. The campaign highlights the plight of environmental degradation of coral reefs around the world, and works to restore our oceans to the glory they once were.

We love the fact that “Save the Blue” works towards environmental conservation, but what we love even more is how it works to help each participating country according to its needs. In Singapore for example, the campaign will be donating to National Park’s Garden City Fund, whereas in Mongolia, Kose will be planting saplings in the country for the greening of the desert.

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Apart from contributing to these causes, the main initiative of the campaign is to rebuild coral reefs around the region. It may surprise you, but Singapore has been losing its coral reefs. So if you’ve always wanted to try Kose’s Sekkisei range ━ head down and get Kose’s Save the Blue trial Sekkisei kit, and help our island in the process too.

Gucci Chime for Change campaign involves the following Gucci fragrances, Flora by Gucci 75ml for $168, Gucci Guilty pour Femme 50ml for $115 and 90ml for $138, Gucci Première 75ml for $202, and Gucci Made To Measure 90ml for $144. For more information, please visit or and follow the cause on Facebook.

Kose’s limited edition Sekkisei Save the Blue trial kit, $72, is available from all Sekkisei counters. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.