Sick of shady strangers commenting on how wan and waxen you look because uh, your foundation doesn’t match your frickin’ face?! Yup, been there, done that.

The likely cause of your mismatched mien: You’re selecting your shade by swatching on your inner wrist (wrong!) or the back of your hand (wrong again!). The solution is … nope, Imma have to stop you right there – you’ll have to seek out the solution by clicking play on the video above. (It’s a fantastically fun watch, we swear.)

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Done? Good. Now for the whys and wherefores. Matching your foundie to your neck – as opposed to your arms, which may be of a wildly different hue vis-à-vis your visage – blurs out any discernible demarcation between your face and decolletage, which is always a good thing.

As for application, use brisk “bouncing” actions to buff in your product with clean fingers, easing up and softening your strokes as you skim towards the jaw and hairline for a seamless finish. And hey, less is really more: Allowing a sexy glimpse of your real skin to glimmer through will lend you that softly diffused, is-she-or-isn’t-she look the beauty community is so enamoured with.

Bonus tip: For precision coverage, pick up a tiny bit of the same foundation using the narrow tip of a makeup sponge, then dot onto offending spots and blend outwards to blur the boundary between blemish and surrounding skin.

Right, then. Congrats on successfully laying the “foundation” of any makeup routine. You can thank me by sharing this story with your beauty buddies. Good luck!