The practice, which involves brushing the skin when dry, aims to offer exfoliation by sloughing off dead skin cells, as well as detoxification and improved circulation. In short, it is widely deemed to be a good beauty habit to get into, but scratching a brush along your skin isn’t always the most tempting way to start the day. L

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Luckily there are a whole host of brushes on the market that are making it easier, so here’s how to get into the habit. Remember, the general consensus is that it should be done in the morning, pre-shower, and should involve long, fluid strokes always directed towards the heart. 


For targeted brushing

On the smaller side, this Round Body Brush from The Body Shop makes it easier to concentrate on specific areas when dry brushing. Its round shape and cute wooden handle make it a stylish choice as well as a practical one.


For tricky areas

The curved wide angle handle on this Light Wood Natural Bristle Body Brush Kingsley’s Natural Bristle Body Brush makes it easier to brush every contour of your body effectively. As a bonus, the brush also features 100% natural bristles.


For the face

Dry brushing isn’t just for the body — you can reap the benefits by doing it on your face, too. Aveda’s ‘Tulasāra’ radiant facial dry brush is a hand-sized oval tool designed to reach all the contours of the face. Its ultra-soft nylon bristles promise gentle yet effective exfoliation.


For the bikini

An all-over body brush isn’t always suitable for the sensitive areas such as the bikini line. This Bikini dry Brush from CAP Beauty ensures you won’t overdo things, thanks to its soft jute bristles, which are easier on delicate skin.

For the back

The detachable long handle on this brush makes it ideal for brushing hard-to-reach areas like the upper and lower back. It is made from Natural Tampico and domestic beechwood.


This story first appeared on AFP Relax News, Aug 3, 2017.