Lancaster Soothing Milk Progressive Tan SPF 50
Apart from the obvious choices of towel, swimwear and a great book, there are a few more essentials that need to be packed when you’re spending the day in the sun.

Here are our top tips for staying healthy, happy and beautiful on the beach.

Lancaster Soothing Milk Progressive Tan SPF 50
Lancaster isn’t the most budget-friendly brand, but their ultra-efficient sunscreen is worth the extra money. This sun screen is perfect for sensitive skin as the UVA protection is high. With an SPF of 50 this will keep your skin safe even in super hot locations like Koh Samui, Miami or Bondi Beach.

Clarins UV PLUS Protective Day Screen SPF 40
One of the best facial sunscreens there is. It works well on sensitive skin as it is neither heavy nor greasy and can be worn under makeup. A little bit of product goes a long way.

Redken Color Extend Sun Take Care SPF
Full of nourishing ingredients that help take care of your hair in a damaging sunny climate. This product contains SPF to protect your sensitive scalp, too.

Tangle Teezer
A funny looking hair brush that somewhat resembles a stable tool, this gadget is not for taming the mane of a horse but human hair that has been damaged by sun, sand and salty waves without breaking brittle strands. © Cover Media