Be bikini line readyIf you’re planning to hit the beach this summer, you’ll need to be swimsuit-ready.

So, before you jet off of holiday, make sure your bikini line is looking tip-top.

Here’s our handy guide to a pre-holiday de-fuzz.

Close shave
If you’re opting for a traditional razor, check your blade is sharp and clean and make sure you use a transparent shaving gel, which will allow you to see clearly where you’re going. To reduce irritation, shave in the direction of hair growth. It’s also wise to de-fuzz after a shower so that the steam has softened your hair and skin. You can prevent razor rash by applying a toner with witch hazel or rosemary.

Hot wax
Strip waxing with warm wax is an efficient and easy method for hair removal and the result is usually super-smooth skin. But remember that your hair is being pulled out by its root, so it might hurt a little. Try a Veet Easy Wax at-home kit for relatively painless results.

Hair removal cream
Just as with shaving, this is an inexpensive at-home technique. Spread on a thick layer of depilatory cream and leave it five-ten minutes to do its job. The cream makes hair soft and easy to wipe away. Allergic reactions aren’t uncommon so be sure to test out any product on your wrist first.

Hair inhibitors
Products enriched with soy and Capislow are buzz ingredients this year. Both reduce hair re-growth by slowing down the metabolic activity involved in the hair growth process. Neither will make you totally hairless, but if applied twice a day for a month, you’ll be able to shave or wax less often.