Bare beauty at Dior
Effortless chic ruled the runway at the Dior Fall/Winter 12/13 shows this year – with minimal makeup and sleek hair taking centre stage.

Lashes were pretty rather than dramatic, and cheeks were subtly flushed as opposed to bronzed.

“We just wanted the girls to be gorgeous and healthy,” makeup artist Pat McGrath told Allure.

She kept the look “very, very, very natural” because Dior designer Bill Gaytten told her he wanted there “to be almost nothing.”

The bare beauty complemented the collection’s “ballet femininity.”

McGrath framed the eyes with defined lashes and tidy brows and used chocolate and mink shadows to contour the eye sockets.

“We just wanted them to look pretty and glowing, and the gold just gave them really beautiful highlights,” she said.

“The eyebrows are really groomed, beautiful,” she added.

Hair was ultra-sleek with the models’ tresses brushed back into super-groomed polished pony tails.

After smoothing down models’ hair and tucking it behind their ears, hair stylist Orlando Pita sprayed it flat before smoothing it down with a narrow bristle brush.

Next he secured the hair in a low ponytail with an elastic at the nape of the neck, adding extensions if needed to create a more lush effect.

He then wrapped a thick, two-inch-wide strand of hair around the elastic.

And the result? Gorgeous feminine glamour that’s sure to be eagerly emulated next season. © Cover Media