Is your irritable skin making you see red? You’re by no means alone.

In fact, according to experts as many as one in five people suffer from red, reactive skin in certain situations – commonly when eating spicy food, drinking red wine or doing sports out in the winter cold.

Other explanations include excessive sunburn during childhood or even using overly potent cortisone medications for too long.

But most redness is simply hereditary.

So what to do?

Creams that repair the skin’s barrier seem to help. Look for açai, bisabol, B5/panthenol or omega 3 on the ingredients list.

Always use sun screen.

Avoid cosmetics with waxes and oils and opt for mineral makeup instead.

Stay away from active ingredients such as retinoids and AHA.

Anti-inflammatory foods such as blueberries, green tea and sea buckthorn are a great idea.

As dehydration seems to make the condition worse, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Try using a facial toner if you do not already use one.

If nothing else helps, see a dermatologist who can help you get rid of redness with laser treatments. -© COVER MEDIA