More of a visual learner? Click “play” on the video above for a blow-by-blow beauty tutorial.

The designer debutante scored a decisive home-run at this year’s Singapore Fashion Week – at least one the beauty front, that is – sending Riri-esque rebels racing down the runway with seemingly bare faces, their naked skin a foil for some seriously stunning smackers.

Say what you want about the vestments on view, but I’m digging Arissa’s darkly romantic take on the autumnal blackberry lip, which was glamorously glazed and perfectly on-point for the party season fast approaching the horizon.

Yes, we’re well aware that pitch-dark puckers can teeter all too easily into full-on Morticia Addams cosplay, but maquillage master and Nars Taiwan Lead Artist Pire Fang flirted right to the very edge of tacky territory by skillfully balancing the murky mauve of our model’s mouth with the lustrous luminosity of her skin – in other words, this was more fantasy fairy than midnight minx. Genius!

Now, our model’s pale porcelain mug goes a great deal towards dialling up the drama of her lips, but you can get the same stripped-down skin effect by keeping your face beguilingly bare. Try prepping and priming with a pore-perfecting trifecta of Nars’ Multi Action Hydrating Toner, Restorative Night treatment and Luminous Moisture Cream.

Modern makeup isn’t about blanket coverage: You’ll look infinitely more youthful if your visage isn’t caked over with pancake product. If you need extra coverage on spots and such, use a stiff angled brush to pick up some of Nars’ ridiculously good Radiant Creamy Concealer in a shade that’s just a smidge lighter that your base for use as a targeted concealer.

Hopping forward to highlighter: Swipe and swirl together The Multiple and The Illuminator in Copacabana along your cheekbones to draw attention to the middle of your face; dot on your cupid’s bow to give your puckers a poutier appearance; and finish with a dab in the middle of your chin. The glimmering effect as light falls on your face will mask fatigue and imbue it with a subtle inner sheen that’s very intriguing indeed.

All that’s left to do is to set with a delicate dusting of Soft Velvet Loose Powder – the idea here is to create a titillating textural contrast between the luminous lustre of your skin and the decadent darkness of your lippie.

Now for the pillowy protagonists of the show. Layering is the name of the game here: Pire first lined the lips with the voluptuously velvety Velvet Eyeliner in Black Moon, then filled them in with Eye Paint in Black Valley. To add dimension and a hint of a tint to all that black, he then proceeded to swipe on a ravishing ruby red via Audacious Lipstick in Shirley. The final flourish? A lick of luminising lotion courtesy of The Illuminator in Copacabana right down the centre for an inky multidimensional incandescence.

Last lap! To prevent your face from looking bottom-heavy – a major pet peeve of mine when it comes to bold lips – make like Pire and add dimension to your eyes by buffing a pretty pearlescent shadow like Nars’ Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Andromeda into your crease, blending upwards just shy of the brow bone and accenting with a sexy slash of scintillating silver at the inner corners for pop. (Pire used Dual Intensity Blush in Craving, but any high-impact hue will be perfect for this purpose.)

Next, transform your poker-straight lashes into the fluttery follicles of your dreams with copious coatings of Audacious Mascara, and make sure you get at every single strand on both the top and bottom rows, please. To really ramp up the sexiness of the sheen, finish off by dabbing Triple X Lip Gloss into the centre of the lids.

And you’re done! Pair your opulent onyx puckers and polished peepers with say, a slinky sequined top and black leather booties, and you’ve successfully married high fashion with street punk.

Bottomline: Try this head-turning look on for size at your next natty night out, and prepare to be the “Cheo-est” chick in your girl squad!

Video created and edited in collaboration with Leow Jing Kang. 

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