Here is a video round-up of some of the hair and beauty looks spotted at this year’s Fall-Winter 2013 shows. –AFP RELAXNEWS/ Photos: Showbit

Alexander Herchovitch NYFW FW13 350.jpg

Alexander Herchovitch

Gordon Espinet wanted a “strong, powerful impact” for the models at Alexander Herchovitch. Primers and colourless products were used to create a perfect base. On top of this he added a thin black line above the lashes with a second coloured line above the eyelid crease. Lips were toned down to a nude shade.

Hair was a Jekyll & Hyde affair, with two completely different looks on each side of the head. Rolando Beauchamp was apparently inspired by Beyoncé and saturated the hair with lotion and styling spray before straightening it flat to the head. He then added grooming product and slicked the hair back, pulling it into a chunky cornrow on one side.


Monique Lhuillier Backstage Beauty NYFW FW13 350.jpg

Monique Lhuillier

Makeup artist Val Garland was after “real, beautiful skin” and natural lips wearing nothing but lip balm — “it’s all about the eye detail,” she added. Brushed-up brows were left uncoloured, but models’ eyes had a dramatic dark drawn-out eyeliner.

Fingers and toes were two different colours, with icy-grey varnish on the fingernails and a hunter green shade on the toes. Hairstylist Odie Gilbert slicked back the hair in a side parting and wrapped up the ponytail, which was tied in a suede knot.


Ruffian NYFW FW13 350.jpg


At Ruffian, James Kaliardos was inspired by a recent Antonio Lopez show for his “red eye, red cheek, red stained lip look.” There was no mascara, but Kaliardos gave his girls a smoky red eye with blended pearl and red tones on the cheek.

In charge of hair on the day, Neil Moodie described his influences as “Victorian-meets-modern day Snow White”. He brushed styling cream and thickening mousse through the hair and tied up a loose chignon at the back before microcrimping and brushing out the sides for a windswept, just-off-the-moors look.

Nails were dark and had a snakeskin effect, and ring fingers featured miniature cameos with veils for a Victorian Gothic vibe.