Award Winner

This is the facial workout that'll give you firmer, and more lifted skin
The secret lies in ultrasound therapy - it helps to tone facial muscles and boost collagen production
This facial is designed to soothe and treat sensitive or stressed skin
Fret not if you have stressed out skin. Eternelle V Medispa’s Sensitive SRC Stress-Balance Treatment can help to reduce sensitivity and strengthen skin
This face treatment gradually gives you more youthful, supple skin
This microinjection treatment uses salmon DNA to boost the skin’s ability to plump up wrinkles, and leaves your complexion smoother and more radiant
This anti-ageing facial can help press pause on our signs of ageing
It breathes live back into dull, tired complexions to give skin a clear, youthful glow
Dull skin, no more: This is the treatment that'll bring radiance back to your skin
This non-invasive treatment lightens pigmentation, firms skin and plumps up wrinkles for a more youthful-looking face
The hybrid facial with HIFU and lasers to lift and contour your face (and it works)
This is the facial to try if you want to reduce fine lines and the appearance of a double chin