Take a look in your bathrooms and no doubt you will find dozens of moisturisers. From face, body to hand – everyone knows the importance of keeping yourself well moisturised but what about our locks? We all know that to get glowing skin we need to feed it with moisture but how about our locks? Keeping your hair hydrated is just as important as keeping your body hydrated and with this in mind the masters from Aveda have the Dry Hair Remedy Collection. 

Professionally develeoped, the Dry Hair Remedy Collection is powered by unique ingredients including buruti oil and pomegranate and promises to improve dry hair by up to an impressive 63%. 

While the shampoo and conditioner are ideal for daily use, the rich texture of the masque is best suited to weekly use. 

The collection is ideal for over-processed, damaged or weak hair and with its rich, moisturising nutrients, the promises to revive your tired locks into a marvellous mane in no time. 

Aveda Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner $43 for 200ml, $89 for 500ml. Aveda Dry Remedy Treatment Masque $53 for 125ml and $86 for $250ml, available at all Aveda salons, spas and experience centres