Surprisingly easy things all women with great skin do every day

Make these easy habits a part of your daily routine to get great skin, too


Here’s the deal. Nailing a flawless complexion is actually easier – and less expensive – than you might think. You don't have to splash out on elixirs containing gold and silver; or subject your skin to aggressively harsh peels that’ll leave your skin looking like raw liver for weeks. Here are 10 daily habits practiced by all Asian women with gorgeous skin.

Use Sunscreen – Always

You shouldn't protect your skin from the sun only when you're cavorting in a bikini on the beach. Your skin is exposed to the elements even when you're just walking from the train station to your office building or while running errands outdoors. Daily incidental exposure to the sun over many years leads to the visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and brown spots. This rule is even more relevant in a country like Singapore, where the sun is almost always shining. Use a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 at least and, if you want to take it a step further, only use SPF make-up and always accessorise with sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats as these protect your skin from sun damage too.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water day and night – and all the time in between too. Hydration is very important for skin as a lack of moisture can lead to less radiant and even flaky and irritated skin. Don't drink only when you're thirsty – that means your body is already dehydrated. Instead, drink eight glasses of water a day and try to use skincare products that have hydrating formulas so you're hydrated both on the inside and outside.

Don't Touch Your Face

Your hands have a fair amount of bacteria and touching your face constantly will spread these nasty creatures and lead to breakouts and, in the long-run, wrinkles. If you need to touch your face for some reason, wash your hands before doing so. And never ever pick your pimples or blackheads – it'll only make them worse.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

For best results, use a moisturiser after you step out of the shower and before you go to bed at night. Find a brand that suits your skin and is gentle enough to be used daily without causing any irritation.

Sleep Well

It's not just the number of hours of sleep that you get, the quality is important too. Try to get eight hours of interrupted sleep every night – a good night's sleep doesn't just refresh your mind and body, it repairs your skin too.

Clean Your Phone

You'd be surprised by the number of germs that live on your mobile phone. Wipe if often and never press it directly against your skin while you're talking on it as that transfers all those bad boys to your face.

Remove Your Make-Up Before Bed

Never go to sleep with make-up on. Do it even if you're exhausted or you'll regret it later in life. Leaving make-up on your face overnight means it could get pushed deeper into your pores and cause acne. Also, your skin is meant to shed dead cells each night but with make-up on, they'll stick to your skin instead, which could lead to breakouts too. If you don't have time to wash your face, at least remove your make-up with a cotton pad soaked in a cleanser.

Change Your Pillowcase

Okay, you don't have to do this every day but every few days will be beneficial for your skin. We don't mean to freak you out but your pillowcase contains dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and even traces of make-up – all of which can clog up your pores and lead to acne. So change it often or at least flip your pillow over every few days if you don't have time.

Keep It Simple

Women with great skin usually don't care for fad products or 'miracle' ingredients. They find a few products that work and stick to them. Keep a good cleanser and moisturiser at the core of your skincare regime and don't waste time on products that sound too good to be true.

Stay Happy

And finally, a smile goes a long way in making a woman look good. When you feel good on the inside, you'll look better on the outside, too. So let your inner glow shine through and other women will be envious of you.