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The advent of AI means that when you want to try out makeup in a store, you don’t have to remove your full face makeup and apply everything from scratch. Well, you can if you want to. But there isn’t really any need to. Because technological advancements in the beauty industry is no longer about making improvements to the textures, the addition of high-tech ingredients or even a game-changing update of product formats.

Today, it has expanded to include the use of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to not only make testing out and buying beauty products remotely fuss-free, but also making the modern retail experience more immersive and engaging. Here, the most important ways A.I. is reshaping the way we view and consume beauty:

1. Product Personalisation 


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The concept of customisation in beauty is now probably as ubiquitous as toppings when it comes to ice cream. Not only are personalised products more able to specifically target each individual’s unique skin condition more effectively, they also eliminate the need for trial and error when it comes to finding the right products that work.

For example, Skin Inc’s My Daily Dose serum requires customers to fill in a short questionnaire about their skin type and lifestyle before generating a “prescription” of specific serums that will be chosen for a personalised product. French company IOMA, also counts on technology to help assess a customer’s skin condition. Using revolutionary cameras and skin scanners, images of your skin are captured and analysed before a tailor-made cream is mixed on the spot. 

Yours, the latest skincare brand to launch out of Singapore, harnesses the power of technology to create quality, Swiss-made products that address each individual’s skin type and concerns, so you never have to fumble with products that end up not working as well for you.

2. Sun Protection Prescription


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French pharmacy brand, La Roche-Posay, has been a favourite for countless women and men who prefer fragrance-free and gentle yet efficacious formulas for their skincare. Known for products best for sensitive and acne-prone skin, La Roche-Posay also counts its extensive range of sunscreens as a key pillar.

You might be familiar with its My Skin Track UV, which comprises a wearable UV patch and a companion app to help you measure the environmental factors you’re exposed to before prescribing the suitable products for you. More recently, it also launched Effaclar Spotscan, which is developed with dermatologists to help you assess and manage blemishes.

3. Supercharging Your Cleansing Routine


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You know how they say cleansing your skin properly is the first step to healthy skin? Swedish skincare brand Foreo, which makes facial cleansing devices (among other things), promises to help you cleanse more effectively than ever. Not a stranger to incorporating technology into making the most of its devices, the brand’s latest offering, Luna fofo, now comes with special skin sensors to deliver real-time readings to generate customised cleansing and facial massage routines that are tailored to your skin condition.

4. Retail Experiences


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Designed to revamp the retail and spa experience, Porcelain Face Spa relaunched its app which boasts a personalised dashboard to allow users easy access to their skincare profile, customised information and self-service features. Plus, you can also read skincare articles, tips, interact with the client relations team, track your appointments and purchase products with just one click. Moreover, it also uses interactive screens to display information such as ingredients, usage directions and informative videos with each item you pick up to encourage customers to freely experiment and test out Porcelain products.

And that’s not all, Porcelain’s consultation rooms are also equipped with touchscreen desktops to help the therapist explain the treatments and give advice to clients effortlessly using this visual tools. Every customer’s preferences, past treatments and product purchases are also synced so that every staff will have easy access to relevant information at the touch of a button.