Lancôme loves Lupita as much as we do B.png

Lancôme’s lady in white, the luminous Lupita Nyong’o © Lancôme

Citizens of the beauty world, behold the eminent emissary of contemporary classiness and charm, the queen of the new age, the princess of poise … In an appointment that’s one for the beauty books, our imaginary best friend Lupita Nyong’o has inked a doubtlessly lucrative deal to be the very first black ambassador for Lancôme.

The 31-year-old Kenyan-Mexican ingenue follows in the stilettoed footsteps of fellow Lancôme ladies like Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Lily Collins – all of whom, you may notice, are paragons of creamy complexioned beauty.

We can only speak for ourselves when we say we’re incredibly psyched by Lupita’s latest coup. Lest the cattier commentators among us start to murmur about the actress’s lack of cosmetic credentials, we ought to point out that the woman put on a hell of a show during this year’s red carpet shenanigans.

From glazed black forest lips to gilded lilac lids, Lupita’s more than proven her makeup mettle – and we’re positively ruining our manicure chewing on our nails in anticipation of the upcoming campaign visuals.

Mum’s the word on face charts or anything spoilerish of that sort, but we hear from the good folks at Lancôme Singapore that the ads will drop come September 2014.

As for the woman of the hour herself, Lupita’s press statement on her latest role was every bit as poignant and polished as anything we’ve come to expect of her: “I am particularly proud to represent [Lancôme’s] unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself.”

Well, colour us not surprised at that rousing little bon mot. With charisma and intellect in spades, the Kenyan diplomat’s daughter has more than a fighting chance at playing politics, should she ever decide to rattle that particular kettle of fish.

Lupita for president? We’ll raise our makeup brushes to that – but for now, it’ll be fascinating to see how Lupita’s trajectory as Lancôme’s latest face may nudge Hollywood’s stance on race and beauty into hitherto unmapped colour charts.

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