Beautiful skin
Smooth, youthful skin is every woman’s most coveted beauty goal.

But once you hit your twenties and enter the hectic lifestyle of a professional, changes in your complexion become noticeable as the years go by.

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, founder of RéVive Skincare and the brain behind its award-winning science, has explained how to combat the ageing process and hold on to a supple, clear teint for as long as possible.

“The sun and smoking are the two worst things you can do,” he told “A lot of people think smoking doesn’t affect your skin, but it really does. It shuns blood away from your skin, which is why smokers have that heavy colour to their skin. When the blood is shunned away from the face, little vessels in the skin go into spasm and they literally just stop blood flow.”

The skincare expert also explained which beneficial lifestyle changes you should consider to boost your complexion. Apart from kicking the nasty habit of smoking, he reiterated how strongly your diet influences the way your skin looks.

“Well, of course sunscreen and not smoking [are the best tips], but also a low glycemic diet. A high glycemic index really does affect your skin over time. If you think about it, all of the things that make the body work are proteins and enzymes,” he said. “I like to use the example of a glass rod on a rug. If you take a glass rod and drag it across a rug, it will go smoothly. But if you wrap velcro around the rod, it won’t, it will just drag, ruining the rug. That’s what rapid sugar molecules around an enzyme do. If you have a high sugar diet, over time, that’s what happens to your skin.”

Dr. Bays Brown also explained which products women should use from their early twenties onwards.

He named his two must-have products and then advised how to build up your skincare range according to your age.

“Sunscreen and simple moisturising [are essential]. Dryness in itself can be aging. You certainly don’t need anti-ageing products at 23-years-old, but you absolutely need to moisturise,” he said. “ [The ideal age] For RéVive, [is] someone in their late 20s. Most people at 28, 29, 30 will start to show some signs of ageing, especially around the eyes, and depending on genetics. You don’t need everything at that age, but definitely an eye cream and a night cream.” © Cover Media