Awaken your skin’s potential with philosophy’s full of promise, an anti-ageing range that aims to restore skin’s youthful volume and lift.
We all know the signs: visible fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. But perhaps what’s most telling is that skin starts to sag and lose its firmness, and facial contours look less defined. The culprit? Reduced collagen and elastin production, which are a result of ageing and other environmental and lifestyle factors like UV rays, smoking and stress. philosophy knows this, which is why its new full of promise range seeks to stimulate skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin through a unique two-step skincare solution – a treatment serum and moisturiser that promises to make skin look fuller, firmer and lifted.
philosophy believes that skin undergoes stress in the day and goes into repair mode at night. As such, it has created the full of promise treatment duo serum, the first step in the two-step range, which comes with a double dispenser to offer a targeted solution each for day and night.
Formulated with two main ingredients (rye seed extract to reinforce skin’s elasticity, and kigelia extract, a bio-active African fruit known for its efficacy in lifting and firming breast tissue), the morning treatment is a lightweight cream gel that instantly firms and tightens.
In the evening, our skin actively rejuvenates as we sleep. The night treatment therefore aims to deliver long-term lift and definition by supporting collagen production. A clear slightly tinted silicone gel, it combines kigelia extract with key ingredient retinoid (known for restoring volume to skin and is suitable for sensitive skin) to deliver a more sculpted appearance. Apply day or night treatment to dry skin before moisturiser.
Complete your quest for youthful skin with the full of promise dual-action restoring cream, an advanced formulation targeted at activating proteins responsible for natural collagen and elastin production. Our skin contains proteasome, which repairs damaged proteins and activates new ones for visibly firmer, more youthful skin. The formulation features a unique protein recycling complex, comprising marine phytoplankton (a microalgae extract) and peptides (essential for anti-ageing), which stimulates proteasome activity. The result is “bouncier” skin that is smoother, firmer and younger-looking. Apply after cleansing and treatment serum in the morning and/or evening for optimal results..
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90% visibly lifted look
88% firmer, more resilient-looking skin
82% appearance of fuller cheekbones, more defined contours
24h hydration**
*percentage of participants self-reporting improvements based on twice daily usage over four weeks in a consumer study of 50 participants
**improvement after one application, measured with a specific hydration clinical test on 12 participants
87% visible lift
80% facial contours appear more defined
78% more sculpted appearance
*percentage of participants noticing improvements based on twice daily usage over four weeks in a consumer study of 47 particpants