Here’s the “dark” side to pitch-black polish (or exuberantly embellished #NailArt, for that matter). Granted, your goth green “goblins” and mottled marble mani may look bangin’ on a weekend out and about, but they can also stain your nails a sickly shade of sallow the morning after – just like how downing coffee, tea and other blackish brews can cause tooth discolouration, if you think about it.

By the same token, the trick to restoring your nails to their pristine pink state is the exact same as that for your pearly whites: Hydrogen peroxide by way of teeth whitening strips. Genius, yes? Told you I had “talon” for this sort of sorcery!

What I do is use a pair of scissors to snip my whitening strips into nifty, nail-sized segments to  stash in a jar for future use. Next, simply stick the strips onto naked nails. Kick up your kitten heels for 15 minutes or so, scrape off and rinse with warm water. Do this daily for a week and with any luck, your tainted talons should lighten up considerably.

Now, I know that teeth whitening strips are pretty pricey, so if this treatment seems like too much of an indulgence to swallow, try this instead. Head to your nearest pharmacy and ask for off-the-counter hydrogen peroxide; most brands hover around the three percent mark. (Scrutinise the label to make sure it doesn’t exceed the three percent threshold; any higher and there’s no guarantee you wouldn’t well, get your fingers burnt.)

Mix one tablespoon of said three percent bleaching agent with about two tablespoons of baking soda. This creates a paste that you can plaster like polish over your nails; wait a couple of minutes and wash off. This treatment boasts near-magical transformative powers: Just one swipe and the pink of your nail appears pinker and the whites, whiter. An instant French manicure of sorts that’s incredibly subtle, too – your best guy friend (read: me) wouldn’t have any problems pulling this off.

Key takeaways? I’ve given you two options here. You can either spruce up your yellowing nails with teeth whitening strips or create your custom curative with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Oh, and lay off the darker polish hues for a bit to allow your nails to breathe. Crossing my fingers that this works for you!

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