All the gorgeous manicure ideas you need to see you through the upcoming festive parties!

Sick of the same old, same old when it comes to your polish? Here’s how to nail the single most lust-worthy lacquer look to try during this season of good cheer and festive finery


Enamel enthusiasts, meet your latest manicure must-have: Chrome nail art. This fad for flashy fingers makes all manner of sense, really. Fashion folks will know that designers the likes of Alexander McQueen and Saint Laurent have “mined” precious metals to produce super stylin’ Fall 2016 looks, so why not translate the trend onto your talons, right?

Here’s how. What you should be aiming for is a fabulous foiled finish that calls to mind the incredibly flattering iridescence of polished metal. And while silver’s a safe shade, methinks a gorgeous green will make for an unexpectedly sexy spin on the trend. Emerald enamel simulates the sheen of the jewels themselves, meaning you could conceivably do away with cumbersome rings and bracelets and let your own nails do the talking.

Now for the fine print. Unlike a matter-of-course metallic mani, chrome is comparatively challenging to carry out. The swag you need on hand, so to speak, are a base colour of your choice, a gel top coat, a sponge applicator and coruscating chrome powder – the gleam is gleaned from plastering a powder onto your nails, like so:

Feeling the metal mania yet? Here are a couple of enlightening polish pointers: Dispense with the #NailArt embellishments and use a single solid hue – less mess, less stress – and keep your nail bed neatly trimmed and nicely rounded. Now is not the time for a “stiletto” silhouette – you’ll run the risk of looking like an extraterrestrial extra from Star Trek.  

Other than that, it’s all systems go. Scroll down for some hot Insta-inspiration to get your creative juices jogging, and have fun blinding your #bae with your shiny new set of talons!



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