Albion Herbal Oil Gold

If you like multi-tasking beauty products, you’ll be glad to know that Albion’s Herbal Oil Gold facial oil also works great on your hair and your body.

Made from three types of oils – Inca Omega Oil, Borage Oil and Golden Jojoba Oil – Herbal Oil Gold is ideal for those with dehydrated skin. It’s also great when you’re travelling to cold countries but don’t want to pack layers of moisturiser on your skin.

Rich in anti-oxidant properties, DHA and vitamin E, this oil deeply moisturises while revitalising and repairing skin cells from within.

For dewy skin, massage two drops of Herbal Oil Gold into the skin after cleansing. For body areas such as the elbow, knees and heels, apply Herbal Oil Gold after your shower.

For damaged hair, spread a small amount onto your palms and work evenly throughout towel-dried hair.

Albion Herbal Oil Gold is available at the Albion counter located at Takashimaya Level 1.