We have been seeing a lot of raw beauty being showcased at Audi Fashion Festival 2014, that even I ─ the self-declared lover of no-makeup makeup ─ was starting to get a bit tired (and bored). But hurrah, every fashion show ends with a bit of drama! Oscar de la Renta’s mega-presentation, which was an amalgamation of Autumn 2014 looks interspersed with some Pre-Fall and a truly dramatic finale piece from the brand’s bridal collection, certainly gave us a sweet ending to this year’s AFF.

Having no foundation (just a dab of tinted moisturiser where needed!) the models looked fresh faced in pink for their walk down the runway. The pink flush for the look was achieved using Nars Matte Multiple in Exumas and Aguilla along the sides of the face, cheeks, eye crease and lips. The clever use of eyeshadow that gave the models eyes just the right amount of depth. And you know, it doesn’t matter if you’ll be walking down the aisle, here’s how to recreate this bridal glow in a jiffy.


This bridal look focused on fresh-faced skin but with a semi-matte finish. As the go-to product for all makeup prep, the Optimal Brightening Concentrate was massaged onto each model’s face. According to Nars, the serum instantly brightens up dull skin and revitalises it from within, giving the models a faux glow that is runway ready.

Taking a cue from previous shows, no foundation was used; instead, makeup artists used their fingers to apply Tinted Moisturiser onto the models faces. This allowed the warmth from their hands to ‘melt’ and set the makeup into the skin. Radiant Creamy Concealer was then applied where needed, with the Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder applied on the T-zone as a finishing touch.

To fake a bride’s glow, Matte Multiple in Exumas and Aguilla was dotted along the sides of the face, cheeks, eye crease and lips; fingers, not brushes, were used to blend. Although the Matte Multiple is a cream stick, it is said to convert to powder once applied on the face. If you’re still not confident in using a cream-based product, apply this step after the tinted moisturiser and before the loose powder. The loose powder will help you hide any sharp streaks, as well as soften harsh lines.

Cult favourite blush in Orgasm was used on the lower cheek area. Applied very gently and lightly in single strokes, the unmistakable shimmer added the final touch to models’ pink flush for the runway aisle.

The finishing touch to the entire look is Nars’ latest makeup product ─ a liquid illuminator. Applied across the cheek bones, nose bridge, and in the center of eye lids, the illuminator served to make skin glow in all the right places.

When recreating this look at home, remember that a little goes a long way. Skimp on the tinted moisturiser and concealer, as you want to keep the look as natural and matte as possible. Additionally, it is always advisable to use your fingers for cream-based products, as the warmth from your hands will “melt” the makeup into your skin.


IMG_6889 B.png

One is never enough. Taking a cue from previous shows where more than one lip colour was mixed, the models were treated to two glosses for their lips. The natural pink lips was achieved using Larger than Life lipgloss in Bimini and Odalisque. This was mixed together and then evenly applied, with no lip liner or lipstick after (not even the standard concealer!). The end result is a pinkish nude pout that no groom can resist!


Apart from the bridal glow, the eyes were the next focus of the makeup. Using multiple products to layer, a soft smoky eye was created. To start, Matte Multiple in Ezumas was applied on the lid and crease. The creamy texture was then set with powder using the Duo Eyeshadow in Key Largo. The colour was applied on the entire crease, and blended towards the inner corners of the eye using a big fluffy brush.

For added dimension of depth, Duo Eyeshadow in Surabaya was used on the outer crease and stretched to a mini cat-eye. As with all dark colours, the shadow was not blended beyond the eye socket, and stops midway across the eye. The use of lighter shades gives the models a softer smoky eye without the over-the-top sultry look associated with the heavier versions. After all, you wouldn’t want to cross your future in-laws too much on the wedding day!

NARS Summer 2014 Color Collection Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil - jpeg B.png

As no eyeliner was used, the Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Iraklion was applied on the upper and lower lashline, with a soft brush being used to soften the final look. To add a touch of runway glamour (and to give the impression of bigger eyes), Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Cythere was used to colour the inner corners of the eye. If you’re not comfortable with using a gloss near your precious preppers, use a white or light glitter shadow instead. Dampen your brush when applying glitter shadow so that the glitter will hold well together. The wetness will also increase the colour’s intensity.

For this look, lashes were repeatedly coated with mascara. The Larger than Life Lengthening Mascara was first used to extend the lashes, thereafter, the Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara was applied over models’ lashes. To prevent the lashes from clumping, the makeup artist gently wiggled the mascara wand at the root of the lash while stroking upwards.

This helped to separate the lashes while also spreading them out. As two mascaras were used, when applying the Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara, each eyelash was individually coated using the tip of the wand. This further prevented the lashes from clumping together.

Sticking to the raw beauty style, eyebrows were filled according to the natural curvature of the brows. Instead of using an eyebrow pencil, a brow brush and comb were used to apply Duo Eyeshadow in Madrague across the eyebrows. The result is very soft and natural brows which still defined the entire face. When trying this at home, remember to tap off the excess powder before you line your brows.


The beauty is in the details. While using the same product to highlight the entire face and topping it off with a subtle smoky eye, this look is feminine and versatile at the same time.

Although it may require some skill to pull off, the end result is girly fun that is recreatable and very wearable on a daily basis. So if you’ve been yearning to replicate a bride’s glow on her big day, Oscar de la Renta did you a favour by helping you get there. After all, every girl deserves to feel like a bride.

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