The world of fat-loss treatments can be tricky to navigate, and figuring out the best approach can be overwhelming. What’s trending now: non-invasive (that means no needles or incisions), customised and low-downtime treatments that help you slim stubborn areas effortlessly.

Cutera Trusculpt ID is a US FDA-approved fat reduction treatment that sculpts your body in quick, 15-minute sessions. After a consultation that allows you to personalise your ideal body shape, the Trusculpt ID handpieces are placed on the target areas to heat up the fat cells and kill them. These are then eliminated by the body naturally over time.

Best bit? Cutera Trusculpt ID’s body-contouring device helps improve shape and definition in multiple areas at the same time. It’s a step above other existing treatments, where certain parts of the body, say the inner thighs, can’t be easily treated due to the fixed design of the machine (those treatments may also take longer, up to several hours).

Dr KK Chew, medical director, from NU.U Aesthetics and Wellness Clinic, answers your questions about the treatment.

1. Which areas of the body tend to have the most fat?  

The most common areas would be the abdomen, thighs, and arms. Women also tend to accumulate fat under the bra, as well as have a higher percentage of body fat than men. In both genders however, abdominal fat increases with age.

2. How does the fat accumulate over time? 

Factors include excessive calorie intake, diminished fat metabolism, and just growing older, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re diabetic, your body’s insulin resistance inhibits fat breakdown, leading to increased fat storage.

3. What is unique about Cutera Trusculpt ID treatment?

Trusculpt ID is a radio-frequency treatment (at 2 MHz) that uses six handpieces, covering a total surface area of 300 sq cm. The handpieces are placed in direct contact with the areas to be treated. They’re held in place by adhesive tape and further reinforced by plastic wrapping. This helps to ensure minimal heat loss during the treatments, while providing uniform heating of the target sites.

The other unique feature is that it safely enables good fat reduction with its real-time measurement of skin surface temperature. The radio frequency also has a skin-tightening effect.

4. Can I expect to weigh less after the treatment?

Depending on the area treated we can expect an average total circumference reduction of 3-6 cm of the treated area which translates to an average of 24% fat reduction.

5. Which parts of the body does the treatment work best on? 

The abdomen, arms, thighs, flanks and under-bra areas. The chest and upper back areas are not approved for treatment because the return pads need to be placed on the upper back; for the chest area, there are concerns due to the proximity to the heart.

6. Which areas are the easiest and hardest to treat?

From my experience, the easiest areas would be the abdomen and thighs. The most difficult would be the arms. There is no clear explanation for this, but it could be that some areas have fat that is more resistant to lipolysis (fat breakdown and destruction).

However, I am excited by the prospect of combining Trusculpt ID for fat reduction with Trusculpt Flex for muscle toning and sculpting for improved aesthetic outcomes. They have become the clinic’s dynamic duo to reduce, tone and sculpt the body.

7. How long can I expect to spend at the clinic? 

You can expect to spend up to 30 minutes at the clinic, including analysis of the area to be treated and prep time.The session itself takes only 15 minutes and results can be seen in one to two sessions. This treatment has very little downtime – you could do it over lunch, and return to work (as well as exercise) immediately. You can expect mild redness in the treated areas immediately after, but this goes away over the next few hours.

8. Is there any pain during the treatment?

From my experience, the treatment sensation is similar to a hot stone massage. For some, however, the heat sensation can be a little uncomfortable.

9. What are maintenance follow-ups like? 

The number of treatment sessions required depends on what your needs are, as well as the amount of fat to be reduced. Treatments are typically spaced about 8-12 weeks apart, and can be repeated as and when required. To maintain the results, a sensible diet and exercise plan is recommended.

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