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Spas are supposed to be havens of calm, tranquility and relaxation. But when you’ve let your hair down and discarded your robe, it can also mean a lot of vulnerability and embarrassing, funny or horrifying moments.

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Scroll down to read about three of these #OMG encounters, and just be thankful it didn’t happen to you.


Can’t stop the (fart) feeling

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“I was in Bangkok on a work trip with colleagues and after a day’s work, our boss treated us to a satisfying dinner. After walking around some of the street markets, we decided to go for a traditional Thai massage. The massage parlor was open concept, consisting of two huge communal halls, one side for males and the other for females, with a walkway in the middle. There were no rooms or curtains, and the massages were performed on mats.

We changed into the garments provided by the spa – loose cotton tops and baggy drawstring pants – and soon our massage started. Our group of about 10 people had the whole hall to ourselves and we laughed and continued chatting as the therapists stretched and ‘cracked’ us. Halfway through this very open, social massage experience, I felt a huge fart coming. I held it in for what felt like forever, until my entire body stiffened up and I felt as if I was turning blue. My therapist, thinking that my stiffness meant that I needed more loosening up, proceeded to stretch my body with renewed zest, basically forcing all the air out. Against my will I let rip the loudest fart which echoed in the open halls, even my male colleagues on the other side heard it loud and clear.

There was a stunned silence for five seconds then everyone burst out laughing in surprise (and disgust, I’m sure). My colleague who was beside me screamed with laughter and announced that the fart came from me. Until I left the company a year or two after that incident I still got mocked constantly about eating Thai food and going for Thai massages.” *Janelle Lee, 33.





Naked ambition

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“I read about a full body paraffin wax treatment from a promotional flyer and decided to give it a go. Prior to that I had tried hand paraffin wax treatments at my manicurist and loved the skin-softening effects. I was looking forward to having soft smooth skin all over my body with this new treatment. 

At the start of the session, I was given a pair of disposable paper underwear and a tie-on bandeau bra to wear, then I was told to lie on the bed which was covered in a huge plastic sheet. After a quick body massage, the paraffin wax segment began and without much warning, the therapist poured the extremely warm melted wax over my entire body, starting from my arms and shoulders, down to my chest, torso, pelvis and legs. The wax hardened in minutes and my therapist proceeded to peel it off my skin in chunks. She peeled and rubbed vigorously as I shed the wax onto the plastic sheet. It was messy.

Some of the wax stuck fast and she rubbed away energetically, then all of a sudden, scissors appeared out of nowhere and she snipped off my disposable undies and bra top and whipped them off. She continued to rub and peel at the wax that settled on my previously covered bits, seemingly unaware of how uncomfortable I was. I endured enough after about a minute, sat up and insisted that I go to the adjourning shower to wash it off. She mumbled that she would have to clean up the wax bits from the shower drain but grouchily agreed. I washed all the wax away with a quick hot shower then hurriedly dressed in my clothes and left the spa as quickly as I could. I’ve never been back since.” *Hannah Seah, 36.




Sleeping (drooling) beauty

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“I was trying out a full body oil massage at a spa I’d never been to before. I was all prepped with a soft, fluffy towel wrapped around my body and lay down on the spa bed. The next thing I knew I woke up groggily and realised only when I looked at the clock that I had slept for two and a half hours.

Apparently I fell asleep while waiting for someone to attend to me and I’m one of those unglamorous, drooling sleepers. I must have been so sound asleep with my mouth hanging open that my therapist didn’t want to wake me. I was supposed to have lunch with my friends after my massage, but we ended up having to do dinner instead. Honestly the only reason I woke up from the nap was because I felt hungry. If I had a fuller meal before my appointment, I probably would have slept for much longer. After my long nap, my therapist continued with my massage but I felt very awake and fresh by then and couldn’t relax and enjoy the treatment. I’m just glad the spa didn’t charge me for the use of their treatment room to take such a long nap.” *Jasmine Tan, 25.


*Names have been changed