Frustrated that despite hitting the gym regularly, you’re still struggling to achieve toned abs? Or perhaps you’re too busy to work out and wish there were an easier way to look better? The good news is that many aesthetic treatments today can help you achieve maximum results with minimum downtime, so you spend less time recovering and more time enjoying life. 

This trio of treatments from Mendis Aesthetics will not only enhance your natural beauty but also keep you feeling confident.  

The Aesthetic Trio

Dr Rohan Mendis of Mendis Aesthetics recommends these three treatments for a fit and fab you. Best bit? They are non-invasive and are described as fast and effective, with no downtime at all.

You Want: A youthful-looking complexion  
Try: Transdermal Facial 
What It Is: A two-step anti-ageing treatment to help you reduce the visible effects of time on your skin. It starts with microdermabrasion to gently slough off dead skin cells and scarred tissue while promoting tissue regeneration and prepping the skin to better receive the skincare that follows. The next step is transdermal therapy, which delivers the nutrients from a retinol ampoule to your skin via dermoelectroporation, using a transdermal applicator. This conducts an electric stimulus that allows the active skincare ingredients to go through the intercellular pathways of your cells, for faster and more effective results. 

You Want: A V-shaped face
Try: Exilis
What It Is: A combination of radio-frequency (RF), thermal energy and ultrasound technology, this helps to reshape the face (and body) while promoting collagen production in the skin to firm it and smooth fine wrinkles, giving you a lifted and toned appearance. Thanks to the different wave settings of the Exilis device, the RF energy can penetrate the skin more deeply and heat its different layers in a controlled and precise manner. This in turn emulsifies and releases fat cells, “melting” the fat away to leave you with a shapelier face. Bid farewell to an unsightly double chin or saggy jowls with this non-invasive treatment, which is said to be fast and painless. 

You Want: A bootylicious butt or washboard abs
Try: Emsculpt 
What It Is: Dubbed an alternative to liposuction, this non-surgical treatment (which is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration) uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) waves to trigger involuntary supramaximal muscle contractions – a 30-minute treatment is thought to be equivalent to 20,000 crunches! These powerful contractions are believed to strengthen, firm and define muscles while breaking down fat cells and releasing them as free fatty acids that get metabolised by the body. The result is a toned physique without the pain. The treatment can also be used for areas such as the upper arms, love handles and thighs. 

At Mendis Aesthetics, a holistic treatment package is planned for each client, from careful examination to determine the best treatment to diet, exercise and lifestyle modification advice. Rest assured that your aesthetic journey will be in Dr Mendis’ good hands. 

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