Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, there’s no doubt about it. So naturally, our lives largely revolve around eating. And try as you might to stay away from over-indulging, sometimes you can’t help it. What makes it worse? All the exercising you have been doing does not seem to be helping to shed the excess weight. 

Get extra help with London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment. This treatment uses the brand’s latest breakthrough technology to aid in weight loss through effective fat burning, contouring and detoxification. According to the brand, the treatment promises a reduction in your waist circumference of up to 7 cm in just 30 minutes.  

Having worked with over 100,000 satisfied customers in the past two decades, London Weight Management understands the frustration that comes with being unable to lose excess fat. To combat this, the brand has developed a winning formula that is effortless, non-invasive and personalised. Together with well-trained professional consultants and nutrition specialists, it’s a holistic solution to help busy women with their body woes. 

London Weight Management

What You Can Expect 

There are three options that ezSlim customers can choose from: ezCleanse to target cellulite, poor circulation and water retention; ezBoost to break down the fat cells; and ezFirm to reduce the appearance of stretch marks while toning flabby arms, belly and even the buttocks. 

The secret lies in the customised treatment ampoules that are infused with a selection of botanical extracts specially extracted to metabolise fat, eliminate water retention and firm up your silhouette to help you achieve the physique you’ve always dreamed of. 

The treatment starts with a detailed body fat analysis and a one-on-one consultation, which allows the therapist to identify your body concerns and problem areas, in addition to tailoring the treatment to achieve the results you’re looking for. 

A specific ampoule and enhanzer are chosen, which are customised to your body’s needs. These are activated just before use to ensure their effectiveness during the treatment. 

The active ingredients in the ampoule and enhanzer are then worked into the body through a unique Bio Delivery System that optimises its delivery to enhance its efficacy. This is followed by a Bio Boost that stimulates triglyceride (a type of lipid fat) release to aid in the elimination of stubborn fat. Next, a Bio 3DS technology helps firm, sculpt and dissolve the stimulated fat cells, allowing the body to remove it through its lymphatic system, while addressing pesky cellulite at the same time. 

But that’s not all. You’ll finish with a cup of express matcha slimming drink after the session and take home an ampoule aftercare set to enhance and continue the treatment effects at home.

Our Tester Says…

“The session started with getting my body measurements done. This was followed by a consultation where I was asked about my lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, as well as going through the body measurements taken earlier, focusing on my BMI, body fat percentage and waist to hip fat ratio. It was pretty in-depth. 

The consultant pointed that I have more visceral fats (fats surrounding the organs) rather than subcutaneous fat – the former being more unhealthy than the latter, and harder to lose, but also shared that this treatment would help target that area.  

The treatment consisted of three steps using ultrasound therapy: first was to target the visceral fats, second was to melt the fats and third was to encourage drainage through the lymphatic nodes. Different serums were used during the treatment to enhance its effectiveness, and I could feel that my love handles were getting slightly tighter after a while. The process was comfortable and not invasive. The results were quite instantaneous as I saw a reduction of about 3cm in my waist and hip measurements. 

As with many slimming treatments, this needs to be done regularly and together with a controlled diet and exercise for best results.”

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