Who are the most discerning beauty insiders in Singapore? Her World readers, of course. Which is why, when you say something is great, everyone pays attention.

Her World’s Spa Awards recognises the best of the best face, hair and body treatments in Singapore. This year, the Readers’ Choice for Best Deep-Cleansing Face Treatment goes to Privé Aesthetics’ Aqua Shine Facetherapy.

This 75-minute treatment starts with a massage, followed by makeup removal and cleansing. This is followed by a hydropeel – a treatment that uses a diamond-tipped device to exfoliate skin and at the same time, a vacuum sucks dead skin cells away to reveal smoother skin.


The facialist then proceeds with extraction to unclog pores and remove even the most stubborn of blackheads — gently, of course. At this point, skin is completely clean and ready to absorb all the goodness of Privé Skinworks’ Triple Growth Factor.


This is enriched with proteins that promise to stimulate cell growth and reduce the appearance of signs of ageing. To ensure better penetration and absorption of the ingredients, a mild electric current is used in a process known as electrophoresis.


Your therapist then applies a mask to seal in the goodness, while treating you to a soothing head and shoulder massage. Finally, the mask is removed and toner, moisturiser and sunblock are applied. The finishing touch? Complimentary eyebrow trimming to go with your glowing look.


Prive Aesthetics is at #03-02 Palais Renaissance (6737-0755) and #02-27 NEX Mall (6509-0098). Learn more at www.priveaesthetics.com

Just for you!


The Aqua Shine Facetherapy treatment will usually set you back $221.49, but as a thank you for your votes, the salon is offering Her World readers a special price of just $68. Simply quote “Her World Spa Awards” when making a booking to enjoy the special rate. Terms and conditions apply.