The pandemic has definitely changed the way we do and see things. With lockdowns, social distancing measures and WFH days, we’ve had to deal with more stress than ever in the last two years. It’s no wonder the need for “self-care” has become more mainstream and popular. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others?

So the next time you need a mini getaway that doesn’t requiring packing a bag or PCR tests, consider heading across the water (literally!) for a spa-cation at the Oasia Spa, Oasia Resort Sentosa.  

What You Can Expect

The Oasia Spa is a rejuvenating escape that aims to help you “embark on a lifelong journey of wellness”. You know that you are in good hands. 

Your journey begins the moment you arrive as you are escorted to the tea lounge. Here, the therapist welcomes you with the spa’s signature tea – a special blend of local and seasonal herbs and spices, to get you into a state of relaxation. 

To enhance your state of zen, decompress in the meditation lounge with a traditional Japanese shinrin-yoku (which translates to forest bath) experience. Known to naturally strengthen your immunity and lower your blood pressure and heart rate, shinrin-yoku has been recreated in the lounge through the use of a natural woody essence. Fun fact: Oasia Spa is the first spa in Singapore to offer forest bathing therapy. 

But of course, the highlight of the spa is its array of face and body treatments that will rebalance, revitalise and renew your body, mind and soul. 

Need to unwind? The Oasia Signature Massage focuses on giving the mind and body respite, and is especially designed for urbanites. Through a blend of Asian techniques – Thai, Shiatsu and Indian, this deep relaxation massage will knead away your tension, aches and knots. To enhance your experience choose from one of three massage oils, exclusive to Oasia spa, that have been specially blended by a team of aromatherapists in Japan, each boasting a luxurious blend of eight powerful ingredients, and are free of SLS, parabens, silicones and synthetic substances. 

Want something more high-tech? Try Oasia’s cryotherapy facial that uses cold temperature technology to shrink the pores and tighten the skin while encouraging new blood cells into the blood vessels and removing toxins at the same time. Best bit? It only takes 10 minutes. 

In addition, Oasia Spa is also the first spa in South East Asia and Oceania to incorporate the use of Kotoshina KOTOSHINA skincare that is infused with the green tea from Uji Kyoto along with spa water from French town, Gamarde Les Bains, in its face and body treatments. Let these organic skin and body care products nourish and heal, and emerge glowing and relaxed. 

Our Testers Say… 

It’s easy to see why Oasia Spa is a favourite among the Her World team. In fact, Oasia Spa bagged two more wins in this year’s Her World Spa Awards for the Best Restorative Massage (Oasia Signature Massage) and Best Deep Tissue Massage (Deep Tissue Massage). 

Oasia Signature Massage 

“The massage was superb, using strokes from different Asian techniques, unlike most massages I’ve done before. My therapist had a very good intuition of where my knots and tensions were, without me having to tell her where to knead or how much strength to adjust. She just got it. 

After the 90 minute massage, I went to the Meditation Lounge where I was provided with hot tea and some healthy snacks. After 20 minutes, I went for a nice shower and felt rather sad to leave the spa. 

My body felt very relaxed and I slept exceptionally well for the next two nights.” 

Deep Tissue Massage 

“What truly impressed me was the quality of the massage. It possibly had elements of Shiatisu as it included massaging my pressure points at time. The strokes were deep, thorough and soothing, and definitely eased the tension in my shoulders and legs. The pressure was mostly firm yet still managed to be gentle and discreet in tender spots. 

In addition, I was surprised that instead of the usual body oils, I was massaged with a Kotoshina KOTOSHINA tea seed oil-infused body butter that left my body wonderfully soft and moisturised after, in a good way. 

Overall, the treatment was very good. Some deep tissue massages leave you with an intense ache the day after. But for this, the massage not only felt great during the treatment, the ache thereafter was very mild too.”

Award: Best Spa-cation

Winner: Oasia Spa, Oasia Resort Sentosa 

For more information, visit Oasia Spa, Oasia Resort Sentosa, 23 Beach View Palawan Ridge, Tel: 6818-3388.

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