Anyone who’s had the luxury of enjoying any of the facial offerings at the SK-II Boutique Spa at Raffles City will know this: it’s hard to resist the allure of a return trip. The facials themselves – comforting and pampering for your skin. The service – impeccable, at the very least. After all, this outlet isn’t just the only SK-II Spa in the world, it is its flagship store as well. 

Guests got to feel for themselves just how soft the Senzational Bed is.

Last Thursday, 45 beauty lovers got to learn more about what the spa has to offer, in detail, in a special Her World x SK-II Boutique Spa event. The space houses 20 luxury suites, and in every one, the spa’s Senzational Bed. The beds are possibly the boutique’s biggest selling point (next to its facials, of course) – made of goose down, so it’s ultra soft, like you’re lying on a cloud. And they don’t skimp on the size too – it’s wide enough so you can truly sink in, relax, without feeling like you’re falling off. And that’s exactly what the SK-II Boutique Spa wants to achieve: ultimate relaxation for your body. 

Reason being, when your body is relaxed, so will your skin. And relaxed skin is able to better absorb nutrients and benefits of the SK-II skincare used, so you leave the place radiant and glowing. 

One of the activities of the night: finding out your skin’s real age.

And many of their therapists can attest to that claim. Most of them have been with the spa for many years (some even a decade of service and counting). New massage therapists have to go through approximately two months of training before starting work officially. The team is always doing research, and on the lookout for modern new tech (like machines) to complement their luxurious facials. The end goal – to build and strengthen your overall skin health. 

Here’s what all of them will tell you about the treatments: premium organic essential oils are used, such as rose otto, geranium, jojoba, and palmetto. These all help to soothe and relax the skin, and mind.

Guests were also treated to a hand massage, by trained staff from the SK-II Boutique Spa.

Guests will also be pleased to know that tap water will not be used in the Boutique Spa – they may contain impurities, which aren’t great for the skin, and the body. Instead, the spa uses water that has gone through a four-step filtration process, to remove sediment, chlorine, chemicals; then purify it. 

After the store walkthrough, guests bonded over rose and cakes. Every guest got a goodie bag too, which includes: a 15% discount voucher on any SK-II product purchase, a SK-II travel set worth $95, and a copy of the November issue of Her World magazine.

As an extra mile, only distilled water is used in the steaming step of the facial, so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skins. It’s a costly step, according to the spa, but they feel it’s the right thing to do for their customers. For drinking, there’s alkaline water – said to increase hydration, and be high in antioxidants to strengthen your immune system. Every customer is served green tea after their treatment – and is what our beauty lover guests got to try too. That tea is specially sourced by a Japanese tea sommelier, and it’s premium organic sencha and hojicha. Of couse, alkaline water is used in the brewing of the tea, too. 

So, really – we weren’t lying when we say the SK-II Boutique Spa is the spa that keeps giving. 

The SK-II Boutique Spa is located at 252 North Bridge Rd, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #02-26B.