Under eye concealer, 24K gold eye masks and even Botox – as a society, we have come a long way in developing means and ways to rid ourselves of our dark eye circles. Which is fair enough, because pandas aside, no one actually looks cute with bags under their eyes. But before you blame the last late-night Netflix binge, there could be others reasons why you find yourself spending extra time in the morning applying concealer.

While lack of the sleep is the most obvious reason for dark circles, drooping eyelids and eye bags, did you know that ageing plays a big role too? Dark circles are formed due to the magnified appearance of blood vessels that become more obvious as the skin around the eyes thins as we age. This also makes the area more susceptible to sun damage, which affects the pigmentation and results in darkened skin (this is why sunblock is crucial, people). Also, as you age, your bone structure changes and the loss of fat under the skin gives it a “hollow” appearance, casting a shadow under the eyes to make them appear darker than they actually are.

Eye bags on the other hand, are caused by the bulging of fat pads that cushion our eye area. As we age, the fat under our skin’s surface starts to weaken and droop, which gives eye bags that sagging and “puffy” appearance. Genes also play a big role – if your parents have dark circles or eye bags, it is likely you’ll have them too. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

While we can’t stop the ravages of time or change our genetic makeup, there are, thankfully, ways to banish the darkness so you don’t have to look haggard and tired! Enter Prive Aesthetics, the award-winning medi-spa that has developed professional, science-backed treatments to safely target, treat and prevent eye bags and dark circles.

Elite Eyes

If the cause of your eyes bags are due to weakened collagen and sagging skin, Elite Eyes is a tightening treatment that helps to build collagen and restore firmness in that delicate under eye area.

“Working moms don’t get much sleep, but I’m looking and feeling rested thanks to Prive Aesthetics Elite Eyes.”

 Grace Loh, mommy to 2 beautiful girls

Utilising radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen growth, skin’s tone and texture is also improved, and contoured to give you an overall younger appearance. Even though the under eye area is more sensitive than other parts of your face, don’t worry, because the treatment is so gentle it has been compared to a pain-free, hot stone massage. With no needles or injections involved, there is practically no down time and makes for the ultimate lunch-time treatment. Some customers have seen visible results just after one treatment, but as everyone is different, note that it can take anywhere between 4-6 sessions to see optimum results.

“Elite Eyes treatment was so amazing that you literally see the result of lifting.”

 Kareena Lim, Emirates Cabin Crew

If dark circles caused by pigmentation is your concern, then you can consider getting pigment lasers done by doctors. How it works is that the energy from the lasers break down the pigment, eventually lightening the area. However, you should note that a single treatment is usually not enough, so you’ll need to work with closely with your doctor to achieve the results you want.

Try your first Elite Eyes treatment at a special trial price of just $120 +GST. Call Prive Aesthetics at +65 9656 5380 or email them at contact@priveaesthetics.com to make an appointment at either their Palais Renaissance or Nex outlets.