Best Radiance-Boosting Facial

Erabelle Japanese Sake Facial


Did you know that Japanese geishas have long known the secret to keeping skin smooth and radiant? The answer is in the country’s favourite drink – sake.

Sake is rich in natural kojic acid, a multipurpose ingredient that can also be used to exfoliate and brighten the skin to give you a luminous complexion.

The experts at Erabelle have harnessed this secret for its Japanese Sake Facial. They are well-versed in this field and have immaculate attention to service. This  luxurious 12-step treatment soothes and nourishes as it replenishes moisture and gives your skin a boost from within. It also promises to lighten dark spots and post-blemish marks, giving you a brighter complexion in just 90 minutes. This facial is perfect for brides and those looking for an extra boost of beauty rejuvenation too.

The highlight of the facial is the use of not one but two customised blended masks. The first is an enzyme compress made from a sake kasu (dregs) paste that helps to clarify the pores and restore your skin’s suppleness and bounce. The next is a customised clay mask concocted according to your skin type and needs – white to stimulate circulation, red to boost radiance and yellow to purify. It also has a vegetable glycerine and premium sake infusion to further detoxify skin while leaving it soft and glowing.

During the course of the facial, you’ll receive the ultimate pampering – a relaxing hand or scalp massage, followed by a shoulder massage, then a facial massage with a soothing essential oil blend.

Your skin will glow as well as feel smooth and supple, and your senses will be renewed.

The Erabelle Japanese Sake Facial, $278.20 for 90 minutes, is available at all Erabelle outlets. For more information, visit

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