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Hands up if this is you: Every time a new year rolls around, you start making resolutions and at the top of the list are, starting on an exercise plan and losing weight. The next thing you know, it’s June and you’ve only stepped into the gym once or twice at most. All your grand plans have flown away like dust in the wind. 

Fortunately, there’s an easier solution to shedding the pounds and achieving a trim and toned physique thanks to The Artisan Wellness’ Artisan Body Trinity. 

The Artisan Wellness

What You Can Expect 

Artisan Body Trinity is a bespoke set of treatment protocols that uses a variety of technologies to build, sculpt and tone your muscles, while reducing fat at the same time. In addition, it is also the first programme that targets all three layers, from skin to fat and muscle. 

A non-invasive treatment, SculpSure utilises a light-based laser energy to offer a convenient and comfortable body contouring treatment without downtime. The 1060nm wavelength is said to have a high affinity with the adipose tissue, which in turn efficiently disrupts the fat cells in just 25 minutes. Over time, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells, revealing a slimmer looking you. 

StimSure, on the other hand, is the latest generation in muscle stimulation technology that uses high intensity electromagnetic waves to stimulate the muscles. This is done through 24,000 contractions – equivalent of 800 crunches, within a 20-30 minute session. Best bit? You won’t even break a sweat! Body parts that this treatment can be done on include tummy, buttocks, legs and arms. For best results, six to eight sessions are recommended over a four week period.

TempSure, which is the last step, uses radio frequency energy to tighten sagging skin by heating the deep layers of the dermis without damaging the skin’s surface. This not only encourages collagen contraction within, but also boosts collagen formation for smoother and more supple skin. 

More importantly, Artisan Body Trinity is tailored to your unique body concerns, mixing and matching the different treatments to help you achieve the physique of your dreams. In short, no two Body Trinity programmes are alike. 

Our Tester Says…

“After the procedure was explained by the therapist and manager, Dr Isaac Wong, medical director of The Artisan Clinic and The Artisan Wellness, came to check-in as well. He suggested that we start with the StimSure first to activate my muscles. This was 25 minutes of electromagnetic waves, which felt like vibrations and contractions of the muscles. This was followed by the SculpSure, which was another 25 minutes that involved a hot and cold laser. All was good when it started at a low intensity, but as the intensity increased, it felt almost like a cramp. But hey, no pain no gain. I was really appreciative of the therapist during this bit, as she tried to distract me from the pain – she placed a handheld fan above the treatment area and tapped my leg.

After this first round of treatments, I did another two more sessions of SculpSure to complete the area, and StimSure every two to three days for two more weeks after. 

I did not manage to do the TempSure treatment, the last step of the programme. But I was also advised that it was not needed as it’s more suited for those with saggy skin, for instance women who have given birth. 

While there was no immediate difference after the treatment during the first round, I did feel a little sore the next day. After two and a half weeks, I could see my tummy was visibly flatter and more shapely. I was really quite impressed at how it has turned out.”

Award: Best Body Contouring Treatment

Winner: Artisan Body Trinity 

For more information, visit The Artisan Wellness, #14-09 Paragon Medical Centre, Tel: 9818-7887; 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria #20-03A, Singapore 238877

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