All of us aspire to look like we’re on our top form with glowing skin and a svelte figure, however, it’s not easy especially with our hectic schedules and high pressure work environments. We all need a little help and there is no shame in getting it. Astute Aesthetics offers a wide array of treatments that utilises the latest technology to help you attain effective and long-lasting results without compromising comfort or safety. All of the treatments and procedures introduced at the clinic have gone through a stringent evaluation process, where they are evaluated for their safety and viability.

From laser treatments to body sculpting procedures, Astute Aesthetics has treatments that are designed to meet the different needs and concerns so you can put your best face and body forward.

At Astute Aesthetics, a personalised consultation with a qualified medical specialist will be conducted to assess your suitability for the treatments and procedures offered to ensure that you are getting a treatment that best suits your needs.

Age rewind

With each passing birthday, you might notice that your skin starts to look and feel different. The signs of aging become more noticeable with time, and can cause droopiness, sagging and wrinkles that can make you look tired and unhappy.

While you can’t turn back the clock, you can shave years off your appearance with non-invasive and minimally invasive methods like the face contouring procedure offered by Astute Aesthetics. This procedure entails administering Botulinium injections (Dysport) to relax the facial muscles to add more definition to your face and smooth out unsightly creases in areas of expression such as frown lines and crow’s feet. Besides some redness and swelling, there is usually no downtime involved so you can get the procedure done go straight back to work afterwards.

If you struggle with deeper lines like laugh lines, you might want to opt for dermal fillers which are also offered by Astute Aesthetics. Instead of relaxing the facial muscles, dermal fillers can take years off your face by adding volume under the skin to fill wrinkles and plump the skin. Additionally, dermal fillers can also be administered to create fuller lips with a beautiful cupid’s bow. While lips are often left out of the anti-aging conversation, volume loss and creases around the mouth are actually the earliest signs of aging. With lip fillers, you can restore the volume and structure around the mouth and get a more defined and younger-looking pout.

Shape up

Also available at Astute Aesthetics are thread lift treatments that stimulate and promote the regeneration of lost collagen to help you achieve the a shaper face by inserting the Silhouette Soft thread made of Poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) under the skin using a fine needle. This treatment only takes 30 minutes and recovery time is minimal so it’s excellent for busy working professionals who are looking to improve their physical appearance during their lunch break.

Another procedure that can help you to get the coveted v-shaped visage you’ve always desired is the FDA-approved Deoxycholate injection combined with the ULGIT (HIFU) or EndyMEd Radiofrequency skin tightening which helps to lift the face and target stubborn problem areas like the double chin by delivering radiofrequency energy deep into your skin to stimulate the production of collagen. The treatment is also able to reinvigorate your skin’s natural processes to unveil a brighter and smoother complexion. This treatment is great because there is absolutely no pain involved and downtime after the treatment.

In addition procedures that will help you to achieve a slimmer jawline, Astute Aesthetics also has a wide range of treatments that run the gamut from nose threads to fillers to transform your profile and correct any curves, lumps and bumps, to make your nose appear smaller without having to go under the knife.

Medical Director Dr. S Reddy, Special Guest Appearance Irene Ang, Director Carrie Yap

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