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The Award: Best Tummy-Flattening Treatment
The Winner: Illumia Therapeutics – Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing Treatment

The Treatment

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A full body-contouring treatment that hails from Spain, it uses the latest 360-degree freezing technology to offer all-rounded cooling of your target areas. Unlike the first generation of fat-freezing treatments, Cooltech 360 IceSulpt is able to target multiple body areas in a single session, thanks to the use of up to four applicators. This in turn, makes every session highly efficient, delivering results. Illumia Therapeutics is the first and only medispa in Singapore to offer this treatment.

Offering a selection of nine applicators in different shapes, sizes and contours, it allows the therapist to target various areas – arms, tummy, inner and outer thighs, buttocks or even the calves – easily. 

During the treatment, the fat cells are literally frozen to death using an advanced controlled cooling technology that delivers temperatures of up to -8 deg C. At freezing point, these fat cells commit cell death (also known as apoptosis of adipocytes), and are effectively destroyed. The fat cells are broken down and, over time, removed by the body as natural waste. 

Most importantly, this non-invasive treatment comes with minimum discomfort, no downtime and visible results with just one session. The treatment costs $700 per session (excluding GST).

What Happened After We Tried It

Illumia Therapeutics – Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing Treatment

“A pear-shaped mum-bod and age have resulted in increased fat deposits and cellulite. And even though I’ve been trying to hit the gym and have achieved some muscle build-up, there hasn’t been enough fat-burning to achieve that well-defined physique that I dream of. 

The Cooltech 360 IceSculpt goes beyond other fat-freezing machines, and I was told by my therapist that Illumia Therapeutics has the only one in Singapore at the moment. During the consultation, it was decided that the easiest parts to see decent fat-freezing results would be on my tummy and love handles. 

I really appreciate that the different parts of the Cooltech 360 IceSculpt machine are so versatile, and that there are a range of applicator sizes for different parts of the body. 

My therapist placed the biggest applicator on my tummy, with two other smaller ones on the sides. The process took about 70 minutes in all, and throughout, the therapists would come in to check on me, making sure that the machine was working well, that the applicators were still attached, and that I was warm enough. 

The chill factor was powerful. In fact, my tummy and love handles felt numb for more than 24 hours after the treatment. But I was reassured that this was normal and, in a way, it made me feel that the treatment was working. I was also told that I could exercise from the next day onwards, which would help speed up the fat removal process. In addition, I was also advised to do some light massage on the treated areas. 

I’ve tried other fat-freezing treatments before, so I knew this was one treatment that would deliver. It just needed a little time. The therapist shared that I would be able to see some results two weeks post-treatment, and tangible results after a month – my tummy has reduced slightly in size, and I’m excited to see more obvious results in time to come.”

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