The Category: Non-Invasive Aesthetics Treatment (Doctor done)
The Award: Best Brightening Treatment
The Winner: ICON Medical Aesthetics Clinic – Pico Laser

The Treatment

Icon Medical

This ultra-high performance laser treatment uses ultra-short pulses (one trillionth of a second, hence the name) to treat dark spots and pigmentation. The laser’s extreme speed means it takes less time for the skin to heat up, which in turn minimises the risk of burns to the surrounding tissue.  

What can it do? It targets the excess brown and black pigments in the different layers of skin, breaking apart light freckles to stubborn pigmentation. There’s a bonus too: The Pico laser is able to kill acne-causing bacteria as well, which helps eliminate zits and acne lesions. It also helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, and improves skin texture. The treatment costs $99 for the first session.

What Happened After We Tried It

“On arrival, I filled in pre-treatment forms, which included an acknowledgement of the rare but potential downsides of the Pico laser treatment. I explained my skin concerns – dull, uneven skin tone with some dark spots and signs of maskne – to the doctor, Dr Wilson Ho, who also told me what I could expect during the session.  

He recommended starting with the milder laser wavelength for re-toning and pigmentation, to assess how my skin would react. I was offered the use of numbing cream for a more pleasant experience, but I turned it down as I was told that some people don’t like the numbing effect, which can linger for a few hours. 

After my face was cleansed and protective goggles placed over my eyes, the doctor proceeded with the mild heat laser, which was bearable.

This was followed by a different handpiece to address my uneven skin tone. The laser zaps here were stronger and more pulse-like, like mild ant bites. The experience wasn’t too painful, but it did prick the nerves and feel uncomfortable at certain areas, which may have been lessened with the use of numbing cream.

To address specific dark spots, the doctor upped the heat level to deliver more targeted pulses, which he described as “rubber band hits”. It wasn’t that bad, but it was certainly more powerful than the last. 

My face felt raw and sunburnt after the treatment, but the doctor did say that I would see an immediate brightening effect, which I did. I was advised to keep hydrating my skin over the next few days, as well as to wear sunscreen.

After the laser treatment, a therapist applied a rich hydrating stem cell mask to cool and calm my skin, and the “raw” feeling was immediately relieved.

On the second day after the treatment, I noticed a few pimples surfacing, which the doctor had warned would happen – the laser encourages skin recovery, so existing comedones are meant to surface. Lucky, the bumps were small. 

After just one treatment, my skin tone is a lot more even and my dark spots have lightened slightly too.” 

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