The Category: Editorial Award 
The Award: Best All-in-One Medispa
The Winner: Illumia Therapeutics 

illumia therapeutics best all-in-one medispa 2021

An all-in-one beauty powerhouse, it is no surprise that Illumia Therapeutics is the winner in 2021’s Her World Spa & Wellness Awards for Best All-in-One Medispa.

Founded by local entrepreneur and billionaire heiress Kim Lim, Illumia Therapeutics pushes the boundaries of science and technology when it comes to developing innovative medical aesthetics solutions. The medispa offers next-level non-invasive facial and body treatments, using the latest and special-edition aesthetics equipment. 

“We believe in delivering visible results using the latest technologies at accessible prices,” says Lim.

In fact, the medispa’s name itself shows how committed the team is to helping every person who walks through its doors. “The name ‘Illumia’ was chosen to signify that clients are at the centre of what we do. It all starts with ‘u’, the client,” says Elizabeth Leong, CEO of Illumia Therapeutics. 

In addition, each client-focused treatment uses clinically proven techniques that have been designed by an expert team of resident aesthetics doctors and plastic surgeons. And to ensure that each one is safe and effective, Lim personally curates and tests every treatment before it is offered on the menu. 

Star Illumia Therapeutics treatments you need to try  

illumia dual ultrasound facial treatment

Dual Ultrasound Facial 

This signature facial treatment uses dual frequency ultrasonic waves that penetrate deep into the skin’s epidermis to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and post-acne scarring. It also plumps the skin so that your complexion looks younger.  

Compared to conventional ultrasonic facial treatments, Illumia Therapeutics’ Dual Ultrasound technology is more intense and powerful – up to 1,000 times more per second – to deeply micro-massage the facial tissues, which helps improve skin firmness and vitality. It also helps promote the production of hyaluronic acid to bring a soft, dewy glow to skin.

In addition, the Dual Ultrasound Facial can also be combined with other treatments, including filler injections and radiofrequency treatments.  

Find out more about Illumia’s Dual Ultrasound Facial.

Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing 

Illumia Therapeutics Cooltech 360 IceSculpt Fat Freezing

Unlike the first generation of fat-freezing treatments that could only target a single area per session, Cooltech 360 IceSulpt is able to treat multiple areas at a single time, thanks to the use of up to four applicators. This, in turn, makes every session highly efficient and results-driven. The first of its kind, this latest generation fat-freeze device is currently only available at Illumia Therapeutics.

The nine different applicators allow the therapist to target areas of different sizes – arms, tummy, inner and outer thighs, buttocks or even calves – easily. During the treatment, an advanced controlled cooling technology freezes the targeted fat cells to as low as -8 deg C. At freezing point, these fat cells commit cell death (also known as apoptosis of adipocytes), allowing them to be broken down and removed by the body as natural waste over time. 

Most importantly, this non-invasive full-body contouring treatment comes with minimum discomfort, no downtime, and visible, permanent results with just one session. 

Find out more about Illumia’s IceSculpt Fat Freeze treatment.

Illumia Therapeutics is at #05-12B Wheelock Place, tel: 6464-6459 or Whatsapp: 9656-5464

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