While the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation often get most of our attention when we talk about ageing, skin sagging can actually make you look older than you actually are. This reduction in elasticity and firmness is caused by a loss of collagen, the same factor behind those pesky lines and wrinkles.

So if you’re looking to turn your U-shaped face back into a defined and lifted V-shape, try Jet Concepts’ Jet CRT. This all- in-one anti-ageing facial uses an award-winning needleless fractional radio frequency to lift sagging skin, tighten pores, and combat fine lines and wrinkles to restore skin’s youthful glow.

An All-in-One Facial That Lifts, Firms And Brightens

The treatment starts with a lymphatic drainage massage using the brand’s Jet-M machine. Developed by a Russian rocket scientist, it delivers oxygen and saline at supersonic speed to remove toxins, while prepping skin for the next steps. This is followed by a chemical peel to gently slough off dead skin cells, dirt and grime.

Next, a quadripolar radio frequency energy is applied. It acts as a defibrillator to revive and rebuild collagen from within. After that, a fractional radio frequency energy is used to target specific skin cells and encourage repair, resulting in tightening of enlarged pores and an improvement in skin texture. To finish, a meridian point facial massage is administered to tone the face, while relieving stress and water retention. The marine-infused massage cream also infuses skin with much-needed moisture and nutrients.

The result: Skin is visibly lifted, revitalised and glowing with health.

Our Tester Says…

“I was informed by the therapist prior that there would be some tingling or zapping sensations, so I was prepared. Nonetheless, I asked to start at the lowest setting as I’m quite sensitive to pain and discomfort. The entire process was largely comfortable, except for some spots on my face that tend to be more sensitive, but mostly it was just a warm sensation.

My face looked clearer and brighter immediately after, and had a nice glow. In one session, it did a good job of brightening, smoothing and decongesting my complexion.”

Award: Best Decongesting Facial (Machine-based)

Winner: Jet Concepts Jet CRT

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