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When it comes to cleansers, a facial wash powder probably isn’t the first choice for many. After all, most facial cleansers on the market come in liquid, gel or cream form, with powders taking a backseat. 

As its name suggests, a facial wash powder is meant to be used in place of your regular cleanser. Pour a small amount of product onto damp hands, mix it water and lather, then apply it onto a damp face. 

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Since powder cleansers are by nature textured and gritty, it can help exfoliate the skin. So, if you opt for a facial wash powder, you don’t have to use a separate scrub. While that is convenient, it’s also important not to over-exfoliate. If you have sensitive, irritated or dry skin, it’s best to limit the use of cleansing powders to twice a week.

The good thing about facial wash powders is that it’s “customisable”. Mix it with more water for a gentler wash, or use less water for a stronger scrub. If you have dry skin, try mixing the powder wash with an oil cleanser for a nourishing scrub. 

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One key advantage of a facial wash powder is that you can put it in your carry-on luggage without having to worry about liquid restrictions. It’s also space-saving and often weighs less than conventional liquid cleansers. On top of that, since facial wash powders don’t contain water, it’s harder for bacteria and mould to grow. That translates into a longer shelf life – what’s not to love?

Have we piqued your interest? Here are some must-have facial wash powders: