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New year, new me? Bad habits can be challenging to break but you don’t have to bring your skin concerns with you around for long. With the multitude of facial treatments out there, it’s time to give your complexion a literal glow-up.

If you notice that your complexion tends to look lacklustre, dull or dehydrated during this season, here’s a list of S.O.S facial treatments you can turn to for quick results.

The best bit: you can expect minimal downtime with these treatments, so they’re perfect for pre-CNY prep. 


IDS Aesthetics Electro Infusion (IEI) ($280 for 45min)


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Electronic-magnetic pulses and LED light therapy are used in this treatment to help boost cellular rejuvenation and increase collagen and elastic production for a smoother and firmer-looking complexion. You can also expect skin to look more radiant and even-toned after this lunchtime-friendly treatment that’s perfect for those with packed schedules. 

IDS Aesthetics is at #05-07 to 10 Novena Specialist Center (tel: 6568-3559).


Porcelain Spa CO2 Skin Renewal ($298.55 for 60min)


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This facial uses a combination of a topical gel and Carboxy sheet mask to release carbon dioxide into the skin to boost skin’s radiance. How? As skin absorbs the carbon dioxide, a reaction known as the Bohr Effect occurs, and this triggers a rush of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

For added firming and toning benefits, a concoction of antioxidants and skin conditioning extracts is also applied, using a cold device known as a Cyroprobe to enhance product absorption. You’ll leave after an hour with skin that looks hydrated, glowy and well-rested. 

Porcelain The Face Spa is at 15 Cantonment Rd (tel: 6227-9692).


Prive Aesthetics Elite Facelift ($380 for 90min) 


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Perfect for mature skin types, this skin-firming treatment combines radio frequency energy, ultrasound and skin cooling technology to deliver controlled heat to the skin.

This heat targets deep tissue to tone, tighten and firm skin, improving the appearance of deep wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. The result: more defined facial contours and skin that looks firmer and more taut. 

Privé Aesthetics is at #03-02 Palais Renaissance (tel: 9773-2677).


Amaris B Clinic PICO Clear Skin Laser (from $180 for 30-45min) 


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If an even, radiant complexion is what you’re after, this laser treatment will do the trick.

Designed to tackle pigmentation, melasma, scars and pore size, the PICO laser is able to penetrate deep into skin without causing damage to the skin’s surface. Plus, the laser helps stimulate collagen for firmer-looking skin, so you can expect a taut, radiant complexion after the treatment. 

Aramis B Clinic is at 40 Arab St (tel: 6536-4211).


The Lifestyle Clinic PDRN Facial ($350 for 45min) 


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This treatment involves a hydrafacial and extraction followed by the infusion of a PDRN serum, a peptide serum that rejuvenates and lifts the skin for a youthful glow.

The serum is applied onto skin and a mild electric current is used to ensure better penetration and absorption of the ingredients. The treatment ends with a hydrating mask to give skin a moisture boost for a dewy glow. It’s great for the festive CNY season, when skin is more prone to looking lacklustre and getting dehydrated from late nights. 

The Lifestyle Clinic is at #12-06 Camden Medical Centre (tel: 6733-0788).