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The season of reckoning is upon us. With Chinese New Year fast on the heels of a decadent Christmas and New Year, and all the feasting of the season, February is the time to reset our skin and lose a little weight. How do you look your best for the family visits and gatherings coming up? And how do you undo all your beauty transgressions after? Aesthetics clinic SW1 has these top-to-toe solutions.

Fast-track to a fabulous body

Struggling to shed 2020’s weight gain? Boost your diet and exercise plans with The Skinny Jab. This is a course of daily appetite-suppressant injections you administer on your own, at your tummy, arms or thighs.

This US FDA-approved treatment works by mimicking a natural hormone your body produces to regulate hunger. In other words, you’ll naturally eat less and lose weight, without suffering hunger pangs. One patient struggling with circuit-breaker weight gain reported losing up to 6kg in six weeks. You also won’t experience any of the heart palpitations or insomnia that comes with other appetite suppressants – the only mild side effect that you may experience is nausea.

Think of it as a quick fix to support your body and strengthen your willpower during the festive period. You can stop the programme any time after you’ve achieved your desired weight, so it does not involve a long-term lifestyle change or commitment.

Find out more about The Skinny Jab here.

Get that mega-huat glow

Tired of tired skin? Replenish your skin’s reservoir of moisture and give it head-turning radiance. Youth Preserve delivers one of the purest forms and highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydration magnet, deep into your skin.

It comprises injections to the side of the face beside the ears, laughter lines around the mouth, chin and under the eyes, as well as the tops of the cheeks. All you’ll feel is a stinging sensation for 20 seconds and, over the next 28 days, the slow release of hyaluronic acid stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin to give you visibly more hydrated, voluminous and luminous skin. It also improves skin texture, and tightens and lifts skin for a fresh-faced and youthful look to welcome the Year of the Ox.

Find out more about Youth Preserve here.

Schedule a post-festive detox

After a week or two of wearing festive makeup, hardcore feasting, and back-to-back social visits, you may find your skin more clogged and tired than before. So hit the reset button with a Deep Deep Clean facial.

This deep detox lifts off dead cells with microdermabrasion and a fruit acid wash, removes impurities with ultrasonic deep-pore purging, and then refreshes skin with a facial wrap tailored to your needs. The oil control wraps balance and refine skin, the hyaluronic acid wraps plump it with moisture, and the whitening wraps give your skin a dazzling post-festive lustre.

Find out more about Deep Deep Clean Facial here.

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