Festive season is right around the corner and that means parties galore. From winter wonderland Christmas dinners and dances to fireworks-filled NYE parties, it also happens to be the season of getting your glow on – any reason to get glammed up!

Whether your look of choice is the subtle but dewy no make-up makeup look or the perfectly contoured full face glamour, any beauty lover worth her salt knows the importance of a good base, and we’re not talking about foundation. Make-up merely enhances what you already have, so imagine if you could tap into the prowess of science to enhance your features and up the ante! Just in time for all the festivities, our favourite medi-spa Privé Aesthetics offers not 1 but 5 different treatments that will elevate your looks to the next level.

Pucker up

Matte, high shine or cream – your lipsticks look best on full, pouty lips. Whether you’re looking to achieve lips like Kylie Jenner or just a little enhancement to battle the ravages of age, consider opting for temporary fillers like Juverderm® and Belotero®, which enhances your lips by restoring volume and creating softness that looks 100% natural. These fillers use hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that is already naturally produced by the body, ensuring that the process is totally safe.

Flaunt your cheekbones

Between all those galas and dinners and dances, you’re going to be taking a lot of photos and we all know that a defined jawline and V-shaped face will help your face pop (and you won’t even need to contour that much). If you’re looking for a little facial pick-me-up, we love Privé Aesthetics Elite Ultra 360 Skin Tightening Treatment. This non-invasive treatment taps into the power of focused monopolar radio-frequency technonology and microvibration energy to target, tighten and tone your facial tissue by encouraging new collagen and elastin production. With no downtime required, the Elite Ultra 360 Treatment is suitable for all ages, and requires between 4-6 sessions for best results.

Lift up

With the festivities so close, ain’t nobody got time for a full on face lift, so if a little lift is all you’re looking for, Privé Clinic has got you covered. The procedure provides volume while lifting and restoring contours via a thread lift, a non-surgical but minimally invasive lifting technique that helps shape your nose (or face and neck). Using 100% bio-absorbable threads, these thin threads are inserted into the skin and tightened, which then act as a permanent support structure. Over time, your features will be redefined and collagen production will be induced, helping to create an even more natural, long-lasting look. In certain cases, the effects of the treatment can last for up to 2 years! Do note that some slight swelling and bruising or redness can be expected, but should disappear after 3-5 days.

Brighten up

Truly radiant and ‘bouncy’ skin can never be replicated with make-up, so instead of relying on your foundation, turn to Privé Aesthetics’ REJURAN® Facetherapy instead. Tapping into the power of salmon DNA (it is apparently very similar to human DNA), this treatment helps repair damaged skin cells while assisting in collagen stimulation for that youthful glow and lift. After treatment, you can expect improved hydration, reduced lines and wrinkles, improved skin barrier function, regulation of oil production and improved skin tone and texture. This treatment has zero downtime, so you could literally go straight to your parties from the spa.

Get LBD ready

It’s not festive season if you aren’t fretting about which sparkly dress you’re going to wear… and if you’ll fit into it! This year, don’t sweat over the extra calories you may or may not have indulged in during Christmas, because this non-surgical skin tightening and cellulite treatment will contour your body with zero pain and downtime! Legacy Restore is a treatment that targets specific body parts, such as your upper arms, abdomen, waistline, legs, butt and cellulite.

Using a FDA-approved device that combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPulse technology, it delivers safe heat to multiple tissue depths. This heat ultimately helps to tighten skin, stimulate fibroblasts and lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation, which leads to collagen production. Stubborn pockets of fat are vanquished, and your skin is noticeably tightened for a more contoured overall silhouette. No time for the gym? No problem.

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