Adriana Lima recommends washing hair just once a week in certain cases.

The model is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and an integral part of her job is looking good. She’s discovered a lot of failsafe beauty tips during her career and insists one thing many women get wrong involves their hair. She agrees shiny, well-cared for tresses always look best but insists that doesn’t mean manes should be cleansed daily.

“If you have dry hair, don’t wash every day. And if you have very, very dry hair wash once a week!” she explained. “The oils help your hair look better, but it also depends on activity – if you sweat a lot every day of course you should wash more often or use dry shampoo. But you have to do what’s good for your hair."

Adriana has a little help when it comes to caring for her own tresses. The 30-year-old has found a new technique ensures her locks always look their best, and now can’t be without it.

“One thing I would suggest if you have curly or dry hair that made my hair very healthy is the Brazilian blow dry. It’s unbelievable, I can’t live without it! I do it every two months and it makes my hair super shiny, plus it adds great movement and body to your hair. I love it,” she enthused to © COVER MEDIA