One clinched the award for best actress at this year’s Star Awards, while the other is a social media star. What do these two have in common? Camera-ready, radiant skin and effortless style that’s admired by many. All this despite their constant travelling and late nights spent on shoots.

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Image: SK-II

We met the two at the launch of SK-II’s latest R.N.A Power series, where both Rebecca, who is ambassador of the brand, and the brand’s social media face Christabel spoke about their skin concerns, travel beauty tips and style must-haves.

Here’s what they shared:

What are some of your most memorable trips?
Rebecca: It would have to be a recent trip to Japan for a campaign shoot. I haven’t really had the time to travel leisurely because work has been [making me] so busy, but no complains there. It’s wonderful because – I’m going to sound like a mountain tortoise saying this but – it was my first time seeing snow and that made the trip extremely unforgettable.

Christabel: Recently I went to Paris to do some travel filming. I’ve been to Paris a few times and it has always been my favourite place. I remember having very nice macarons and hot chocolate. Just having been in Paris during summer, with the sun setting at 9pm, it’s the best because you have daylight throughout.

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Christabel was in Paris to host a travel series. Image: @bellywellyjelly

How do you dress comfortably and stylishly for a flight?
Rebecca: I’m normally dressed like this when I have to attend an event right after arrival, but if I don’t, I don’t look anything like this. I’m always in my slacks, my pullovers and I don’t put on makeup when I’m on flights, because I try to keep my skin makeup-free. If I do know that I have to attend an event after, I will be quite hardcore [when it comes to my in-flight beauty routine], I will even apply the Facial Treatment Mask on the plane. So that’s how I travel, very light and very comfortable.

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Rebecca and Christabel dishing out style and beauty advice onstage. Image: SK-II

Christabel: For me, I like to wear boots, because I don’t think I can travel with heels. As a blogger, I like to take pictures all around, and I feel that when you travel, you have to be very comfortable. I like to wear socks and have them hidden inside my boots. So I can take off my boots when I’m on the flight and still keep my feet warm.

What are your travel fashion must-haves?
Rebecca: Well for me I’ve been to Japan in both summer and winter for my campaign shoots. So I dress very differently for both weathers, obviously. For summer, I’m always just dressed in – it’s like a uniform – jeans, a simple top and flats, because I have to do a lot of walking during my free time. I want to make use of my rest-and-relax [time] there, because there’s not much time to explore the country if we’re there for work. For winter it’s really awesome, because you get to experiment with winter clothes that you never get to do in Singapore. I actually kind of love winter fashion. I suffer in the cold, but it looks nice in pictures.

Christabel: My must-haves [for Paris] will be very comfy clothes, maybe jeans or a very comfy dress, because you’ll probably be taking the Metro instead of cabs everywhere, so you have to be comfortable. In Paris, you do a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are very important as well. And because I like to take a lot of pictures, I will bring along my DSLR, and a pair of shades because it’s summer now.

What are the beauty items you must always have in your suitcase?
Christabel: I always like to bring travel-sized things, so probably a travel sized Facial Treatment Essence and cleanser. A tip that I got from my mum is that whenever you go shopping for skincare and they give samples, instead of saying you don’t need it, just keep it – I keep it in a box at home – and whenever I go travelling, I just pick out a cleanser or something to take with me.

What tips do you have for keeping your skin clear in a different climate?
Rebecca: It’s a lot more dry during winter. I’m really an overpacker when it comes to beauty products, I just bring everything along just in case; a very typical Singaporean kiasu packer. My must-haves for travel are sunscreen and the Facial Treatment Essence. Interestingly, before the Mid-day and Mid-night Miracle Essences came about, I used to pour the Facial Treatment Essence into a travel-sized spray bottle and I would bring it along wherever I went, and I would spray it on my skin on planes, at shoots right before my makeup, even right after my makeup.

What are your biggest skin concerns?
Rebecca: For work, it’s definitely tired looking skin, tired looking eyes and untimely breakouts – I think that is one of the biggest problems when you travel for work or for shoots. For me it’s that. And I think long term problems that you cannot see now are the fine lines appearing, dehydrated skin – all these are problems that will not appear now, but are slowly creeping in, so these are all skin problems for me. 

Rebecca Lim star awards.png

Rebecca won the best actress award for her performance in local drama Yes We Can. Image: @limrebecca

Christabel: I guess in our line of work we do a lot of filming and photography. It helps when our skin is not very dehydrated and makeup slips on very easily. But when you’re travelling your skin gets very dry and flaky when you visit cold countries – my makeup doesn’t stay – so having very hydrated skin is very important.

What beauty advice do you have for Singapore women?
Rebecca: I think what you put on your skin and what you put into your body is important. Drink lots of water, keep hydrated, eat your vitamins. If you have beauty supplements, take them, and always apply sunscreen. Sunscreen is my number one must-have, even if I’m walking my dog for five minutes I make sure i put on sunscreen. so that’s how much of a sunscreen fanatic I am. Drink plenty of water, and keep a positive outlook on life – I think that’s also extremely important because then you’ll look radiant all the time.

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