Fact: Korean beauty is all about achieving a slim and balanced V-shaped face. Some might go under the knife to achieve their ideal, while others might turn to non-invasive options. If you are more inclined towards a natural, 100 percent non-surgical and non-invasive option, the face resizing and face balancing treatments at Yakson may be of interest to you.

What is Yakson? It’s a Korean aesthetics service that has been in business since 1979, and which has just opened its first outlet in Singapore offering a unique range of natural aesthetic treatments. What sets Yakson apart from other conventional aesthetic treatments is its incredibly intriguing 100 percent non-surgical and non-invasive technique of bone, muscle and skin massage called Golki therapy. 

The original Golki therapy was developed in 1979 by Yakson House Chairman Lee Byung Chul, and involves stimulating the bones in your face through skin and deep tissue massage. This promises to promote blood circulation and thereby improve the supply of nutrients and expulsion of toxins. 


Backed by scientific research published in conjunction with Seoul National University, Golki therapy is a proven non-surgical and non-invasive treatment method based on Wolff’s law, a theory published by well-known German orthopedic surgeon Dr Julius Wolff. According to Yakson, the remodelling of the facial bones comes about through physical stimulation via massage, which in turn causes an increase in the blood circulation around the bone. The result? Yakson says this will increase calcium absorption to thicken the bone in that region. 

Who is it for? Golki therapy can restore health and help anyone looking to resize or reshape their face without submitting to surgery. The treatment also promises to improve skin elasticity and boost the luminosity in your complexion. The face balancing treatment in particular is a great option for anyone looking to reduce facial asymmetry that can be caused by any number of things, from natural imbalance from chewing on one side of your mouth or even from bad habits like resting your chin on your hands. Seeing is believing. One interesting aspect about Yakson is its use of plaster masks on the first, 10th, and 20th treatment session, a tracking method which allows you to see the visible transformation in your facial structure as you undergo the treatment sessions. 


In addition to the face Golki treatments. Yakson also offers Golki treatments on body areas such as pelvis and legs to promote slimming, balance and general wellness.

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