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Acne cures: This organic blemish cream actually gets rid of my pimples overnight!

This product is an affordable acne cream that’s natural, and organic, and works while you sleep … What more could you ask for?

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Not that long ago I wrote about a rather expensive pimple sticker that does wonders for zits overnight. This week, it’s a rather unique little jar of blemish cream that I’ve been using since I ran out of my stickers, and it’s surprisingly effective.

I’ve written about the brand Botani before, with regards to its Olive Oil Serum and Soothing Skin Mist, and I might just love this blemish cream even more than those.

The Rescue Blemish Cream ($39, from is marketed as a natural alternative to typical benzoyl peroxide acne treatments. Instead, the active ingredient is an extract of a plant called Hydrastis Canadensis or Goldenseal. The brand promises an impressive 99.99% kill factor on acne-causing bacteria in just 30 minutes, which sounds like a really tall order. The rest of the ingredients are a host of natural extracts and oils, including a type of Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil, which are great at dealing with bacteria and inflammation.

As mentioned previously, I get the occasional zit, especially around my chin, forehead and nose, and when they’re red and inflamed, I find that this blemish cream works wonderfully. It works even if the zit feels like it’s almost trapped under the surface of my skin, though not if it’s too far down.

The cream itself is a cooling green paste that I prefer to apply in a thicker layer which is fine because it’s non-drying. The formula works to gently absorb any excess oils and impurities while you sleep, and can even be used for minor shaving irritations!  

Because it comes in a jar which I don’t particularly like (skincare in jars tends to become less effective over time or accumulate bacteria due to constantly being exposed)  I use a clean spatula or cotton bud to take out the amount of product I need each time. It smells good, and spreads very easily across the skin, drying down after a couple of minutes so it won’t rub off on your sheets while you sleep.

One of my favourite things is how well it even works on new and emerging pimples - the ones that start as a slight bump under your skin with a little pain, that you know are definitely going to turn into full-blown zits in a day or two. Plus, it does its job without leaving behind dry patches on my skin, which is a huge bonus.

The brand claims this cream even works on blackheads and ingrown hairs, but I have yet to try that for myself.