There’s nothing worse than waking up Saturday morning after a particularly rough week at work to notice the panda eyes staring back at you in the mirror. 

It may be tempting to blame it on all those nights of OT in the office, but – not-so-fun fact alert! – working long hours in front of a computer isn’t the only reason for under-eye lines or puffy under-eye bags. In fact, those are just two signs that your peepers are ageing. 

It’s not entirely your fault, though. Our eyes are the unfortunate bearer of our age and as we grow older, we begin to experience various signs of ageing eyes. That includes under-eye lines and the undesired puffy eyes. Yes, our eye muscles are one of the first things to age in our body, hence prominent sagging eyelids – and the explanation for why ‘dark circles’ and ‘eye wrinkles’ are amongst some of the top eye concern searches on Google. (Know that you’re not alone in your struggle!)

Of course, ageing is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s always nice knowing that there’s something you can do to keep your eyes both looking and feeling healthy without breaking the bank on multiple eye creams addressing these different signs.

Enter the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care, which will be joining the range of other Age Perfect products this month.

What’s new and exciting about this treatment is the potent formulation with NATECIUM DHC, an antioxidant that helps defend against cell degradation. The easy-to-use product also comes with a cooling metal applicator that’s said to help stimulate blood circulation and reduce dark circles – just one of the reasons why the reigning Queen of Caldecott Zoe Tay is the fabulous face behind the product.

But that’s not all. Given the importance Zoe Tay places on the health of her eyes, it stands to reason that the product delivers; eight of 10 women reported seeing signs of improvement within two weeks of use.

And the best part? Unlike other eye creams currently available in the market, the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care does it all. The all-in-one product promises to address all five signs of ageing eyes: Dark circles, puffy under-eye bags, crow’s feet, under-eye lines and sagging eyelids. This means no more tedious 14-step skincare routines, complete with six different creams that serve various functions. Everything’s in one nifty little tube!



Intrigued and want to find out more? L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care is available at all Watsons and Guardian stores and some selected departmental stores. 

Free samples of the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Eye Care are available at  here.

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