Janice Chiang, YouTube personality
What is the effect of city life on your skin?
“I am always in and out of office for shoots, the constant change in temperature and humidity affects my skin. Work stress & all the city grime has made my skin more sensitive, causing it break out.”
Saffron Sharpe, Gushcloud influencer
Why is Simple suitable for city skin?
“It contains the purest possible skin loving ingredients and absolutely nothing that is harsh. This means no perfume, colour or harsh chemicals. It’s gentle and doesn’t irritate. My skin feels clean and nourished.”
Roseanne Tang, Certified Make-up Artist (Gushcloud Influencer)
How do you take the city out of your skin?
“I’ve been using Simple, it’s gentle yet effective for my sensitive skin. It’s not difficult to have better skin with a holistic approach to skincare, fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. You can’t take the girl out of the city but you can take the city out of her skin.”
The way you look after your mind and body can show on your skin. When it comes to diet, load up on antioxidants, otherwise known as free radical scavengers. Nuts, fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants – prunes, berries, walnuts, dark-coloured grapes and dark green veggies like kale are particularly good sources. To stay de-stressed, make a date with yourself: block out your diary to do something you enjoy and stick to it – don’t accept any offers during your me-time.
Properly cleansing, morning and night, will remove surface dirt and pollution, helping to keep the skin barrier in great condition. Pick the right cleanser for your skin type and when you use it, massage it thoroughly into skin in circular motions. Wash with lukewarm water. Hydration is equally important to keep the moisture barrier intact so skin is less vulnerable to external aggressors. An almond-sized amount is usually enough. Smooth it onto skin in upward motions.
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Simple is readily available in-store at selected department stores, supermarket, pharmacies and personal care stores.