9 common beauty mistakes that are making you look old and tired

Image: Showbit

We know Asians typically have great genes that allow us to retain a fairly large degree of youthfulness as we age. That said, looking older becomes a pretty big deal to us from the time we begin to notice fine lines around our eyes or mouths. There are plenty of skincare products out there to help us out, but all the anti-ageing skincare in the world won’t do much for you if you’re still making the following mistakes:

#1 Forgoing sunscreen
Quite frankly, sun damage plays a key role in ageing our skin. The ultraviolet rays break down collagen beneath the skin and also cause dark spots to form. We know it’s an extra step, but find a sunscreen worth investing in that’s non-comedogenic so you can use it under makeup. You should also remember to apply sunscreen to more noticeable areas like your neck, chest and hands.

#2 Not exfoliating
While our skin has the ability to renew itself, the surface of our skin ends up with a layer of dry skin or dead cells that might need more than a regular cleanse to get rid of. This causes our skin to take on a dull and rough texture over time. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead cells and speeds up the renewal process, promoting blood circulation which in turn helps your skin absorb serums and moisturisers better. 

#3 Skipping your primer
Primers give your foundation a more flawless base. They can even out your skin tone, blur imperfections, seal in the hydration from your moisturiser, and make your skin look brighter. If you want your skin to look as immaculate as possible, don’t forget to use a primer before your foundation!

#4 Not lining your lips
Do you find that your lipstick is feathering at the edges and you can’t seem to get a clean line? As we get older the lines around our lips deepen and become more visible which makes our lipstick “bleed” more easily. To prevent this, use a lip pencil first and fill in your lips with the same pencil before applying lipstick over the top. This keeps the lipstick in place and helps it last longer.

#5 Too much foundation
Sure, foundation can give you a flawless canvas to work with, but too much of it can cake and settle into your fine lines and creases. You might also discover that powder foundations are too flaky due to your skin getting drier as you get older. Look for a medium coverage liquid foundation that blends easily. Try applying it with a damp sponge like a Beauty Blender for the most natural look.

#6 Heavy dark eyeliner
Going with too much black eyeliner can draw even more attention to the fine lines around your eyes. You should also avoid lining the entire lower eyelid as that can make your eyes look droopy. Try a lighter shade like a brown or grey eyeliner and keep it to your upper eyelid and the outer corner of your lower one (if that flatters your eye shape).

#7 Too much sparkly eyeshadow 
Light reflecting particles can draw attention to saggy eyelids or fine lines and creases. You should be looking at satin eyeshadows or soft matte ones that won’t look chalky. Even a cream eyeshadow can work if it doesn’t have any glitter in it and you set it with a finely milled loose powder.

#8 Leaving your makeup on overnight
Say you’ve put a layer of makeup on and gone about your night: dinner, drinks, a movie, etc. And when you finally get home there’s a night’s worth of grime and sebum buildup on your face just mixing with your makeup. Gross, right? Leaving that on overnight will clog your pores and leave you with pimples, blackheads, or even styes due to clogged eyelash follicles. Use makeup wipes at the very least! If you’re too lazy, just keep a packet beside your bed.

#9 Under nourishing your hair
Those of you blessed with naturally healthy and full hair might skip the conditioning step or find it unnecessary. The bad news is that hair gets drier and coarser as we get older, and often more brittle. Make sure you use a conditioner whenever you wash your hair. An occasional hair mask will also keep your locks hydrated and healthy.