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#1 Mind the nape
When you are applying skincare products to your face and neck, remember to spread the serums and moisturisers to the back of your neck. This way, the skin at the nape will not look rough, dull and patchy. 


#2 Never leave home without sunscreen
If you are serious about taking care of your skin, use sunscreen. This is worth repeating as I still come across women who do not want to use sunscreen for lazy various reasons.

(Nagging alert) You apply your expensive skincare serums and these serums cannot perform at their best because the skin is under attack by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

In other words, these luxe serums go to waste when you don’t protect your skin with sunscreens. Not using a sunscreen also contributes to your skin becoming more sensitised.

Case in point: I know a 70-year-old woman who has better skin (because she follows a strict skincare regime, and applies sunscreen on her face when she is at home) than a 60-year-old woman who has never invested time in a moisturiser.

One more thing: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your neck, nape and ears as well. Use a lightweight sunscreen so your skin wouldn’t feel sticky and overloaded with products. 


#3 Always be patient
Getting great skin calls for diligence – even the most potent products need time to show results. Consistency is key too. For example, products that promise to remedy pigmentation generally require at least three to six weeks to work.


#4 Go gentle please
Rubbing and tugging can stretch your skin and lead to sagging. Help preserve suppleness by patting on skincare and makeup instead.


#5 Cut sugar 
“Eat a meal but taste dessert. Sugar has no benefit, and is the major cause of inflammation in the body and glycation (the breaking down of collagen) in our skin,” says celebrity dermatologist, author and medical director of ZO Skin Health, Dr Zein Obagi.


#6 Choose concealer colours wisely
Use peach-toned concealers to neutralise dark circles that appear bluish-greenish-grey, and yellow, beige-toned ones to neutralise any skin redness. 

If you’re going cross-eyed figuring out which concealer is right for your skin tone, hit the beauty counters and have professional makeup artists help figure that out for you. 


#7 Say no to rubber 
Don’t use rubber bands to tie your hair as they pull at your hair and scalp, weakening the strands and causing breakage. Use a fabric-covered elastic band instead, to reduce friction between your hair and the elastic band.


#8 Wash your hair twice a day
Don’t take hair care advice from overseas magazines (where they experience the four seasons) that tell you not to wash your hair regularly. We live in a humid climate – they don’t! 

In the night, impurities like dead cells and sebum accumulate at the scalp when we sleep, congesting the hair follicles if they are not washed off. 

In the day, your scalp is exposed to dirt, sweat, bacteria and humidity, and if you use hair styling products, it is important to wash them out to avoid product accumulation at the hair follicles, which leads to hair loss.


#9 Have more sex
(My favourite tip. HAHA) Here’s the science: According to consultant neuro psychologist Dr David Weeks, in a 10-year study of over 3,000 people, sexually active couples in long-term relationships can look between four and seven years younger.