Morocaanoil Hydrating Mask
From new frizz-control serums and creams to in-salon treatments, there are now more ways than ever to keep your hairstyle fuzz-free, whether you wear your hair sleek and straight or in bouncy curls.

Frizz occurs when moisture enters the hair cuticle, causing it to swell and kink up.

These styling strategies will work to seal the hair cuticle to keep moisture out and protect your locks from frizz.

Read on for stylist Errol’s tips and products to keep frizz under control.

Dry cuticles are a major cause of frizz

“Treating dry cuticles is the first step in fighting it,” the stylist explains. A weekly deep hydrating treatment like Morocaanoil Hydrating Mask really does make all the difference. Look at it as an investment in the long term condition of your hair.

How you wash your hair is important

Creating the right hair canvas limits the level of frizz in the finished look. “Avoid over stimulating the scalp with hot water,” Errol says. Wash your hair in cool or lukewarm water to keep cuticle disturbance to a minimum and sebaceous glands flat.

Work with your curls

If your hair is naturally curly, work with it by applying a small amount of a curl controlling cream to define the movement in the curls, “it will help smooth out that unwelcome ‘halo’ of frizz,” he claims.

Boost a blow-dry’s staying power with a targeted product

“Look for a lightweight serum such as BioSilk Silk Therapy or Got2b Glossy Anti-Frizz Shine Serum to add to your hair before blow-drying,” Errol says. Apply about four to five pumps to towel-dried hair before styling. The finish they deliver is a new level of sleek.

Never brush hair harshly

Be kind to your hair, and “use a wide toothed comb to avoid disturbing smoothed cuticles.” Then stroke through slowly with a large paddle brush to finish.

Get rid of surface frizz

A kabuki brush lightly sprayed with a non-sticky hairspray will banish isolated areas of surface frizz at the end of a blow-dry. “Stroke carefully on any resistant areas on the crown,” Errol suggests.

Work with the heat

Humidity encourages frizz, if you can’t avoid it, for example while on holiday or in hot climate, “try an up-do during the day which gives a glamorous frizz-free red carpet wave when let down in the evening.” © Cover Media